Think about a typical week for your thermostat. What is the temperature that you usually leave it at? Do you change the temperature during the day and then again at night? Chances are you make adjustments to the thermostat constantly, but it all depends on when you are usually in the house. When you set the thermostat to a temperature in order to save energy before you head out, you’ll see savings on your electric bill.

Determine a Temperature For While You’re Away

The best way to slash your electric bill in half is the identify the best temperature for your home while you’re gone. It needs to be a temperature where that keeps your home relatively comfortable, maybe not as cool as while you hang out at home, but still a pleasant temperature. This could be as few as five degrees warmer and it’ll still save you a few bucks down the road.

We encourage you don’t turn off your AC unit entirely. This leaves your house in a warm state and once you come home you’ll step into what feels like a sauna: warm and steamy. In an effort to save money, cranking the AC back on and cooling down the entire house doesn’t help at all.

A home energy audit will outline exactly what steps you need to take in order to have an energy-efficient home. One suggestion for your audit could include smart thermostat installation.

Invest In A Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are powerful, they allow you to program them in great detail. Let’s say you’re going away for the week, when you have a smart thermostat you’ll be able to program the week’s temperature in your home and the thermostat will do all the work while you’re gone! You can set the thermostat to run during peak hours and in the evening let the thermostat run at a steady rate. It’s totally customizable!

  • Improves Control: A smart thermostat improves your control over the temperature inside your home. Your thermostat will come with a large digital display. Tapping a button up or down will allow you to get to that desired temperature easily. The control doesn’t end when you leave your home, smart thermostats have the capability to be controlled from your smartphone. You can control the thermostat on your way to and from work, it’s extremely innovative. How many times have you come home from a weekend away and wished that the house was cold when you walked in? With a smart thermostat, you have the ability to turn the temperature up or down hours before you get home.
  • ProgrammingSmart thermostats have the ability to be programmed. You can preset seven days in advance and have the temperature adjust automatically throughout the week. The goal is to save energy and with a smart thermostat, you’re always in control. Why would you keep your home cool all day while it’s empty? Give the system a break and save money on your next energy bill. When you program a smart thermostat, it means that you can preset the thermostat to increase or decrease in temperature at any time of the day. It’ll know when you are going to work and it can be turned up and when you’re headed off to bed so it’ll turn itself down.
  • Adapts to Your HabitsSome smart thermostats will even learn what you do with the thermostat over time. If you start to use it for a week or two and change the settings at certain points of the day, it’ll begin to remember what’s happening. It’ll adapt to this new habit and adjust the temperature of the home on its own. This will keep you from constantly programming the thermostat.

Now that the house cools down when you arrive and warms up as you leave, you can leave your thermostat worries behind. A smart thermostat and determined away-from-home temperature are the perfect mixes for cutting your electric bill in half. Finding the right temperature balance for your home really comes down to your preference. It’s important to feel comfortable in your own home, but it’s also extremely important to save money on your electric bill. Let the pros help you make sure you’re using your energy efficiency to cut down on cost, it could make all the difference. We also provide commercial thermostat services!

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