Three Things to Help Keep Your Central Air Conditioner Running Strong

The value that we place in our central air conditioning system is second to none.  This is especially the case living in a climate such as Jacksonville, FL.  The hot summer months of May, June, July, and August can get extremely hot and humid.  The only relief from all of the heat and humidity is the air conditioning that your central air system can create.  In the majority of homes, central air conditioners are going to work together with a forced hot air system to not only cool the air in your home, but also circulate it.  It falls on you as the owner of the home to be sure that you are doing your part to keep your central air conditioner runnings wrong year-round.


There are things that you can do to your central air conditioning system that can really help it from a maintenance perspective.  Calling on AC service Jacksonville FL providers can get and expert on-site to not only assess your system, but also carry out any necessary repairs and cleanings as well.  There are things that you can do independently as well that are going to help your central air conditioner avoid any hiccups when you need it most in those hot summer months.  The heat of July and August in Jacksonville, FL is relentless and your central air conditioning system needs to be ready.


Change the Filter


The first and most obvious tip fore as an owner of a central air conditioning system is to change out the filter.  Central air conditioners should have their filters changed every few months.  If you are in a period where the unit is running pretty regularly, changing out the filter every six to eight weeks is probably a very good idea.  Think about the last time that you have replaced your central air conditioning system and start to get your whole system on a routine filter change schedule.  Once you get a schedule down where you are changing the filter every two-months or so it will be that much easier to keep up with.


Clean Out the Vents


The vents are where all of the cool air comes from.  When your central air conditioning system works to get all of that air cool and to then begin to circulate that cool air throughout your home, it does so by pushing the air through your vents.  When these vents get dirty though a few things can happen.  First is that you are not going to have the airflow that you want out of the vents.  This can prevent you from getting as much cool air as you should out of the system.  The second thing that can happen is that when your vents are full of dust, that dust can get blown throughout your home when they start to expel air.  This can really harm the air quality of your home.  Cleaning them on your own or with the help of an AC service Jacksonville FL provider is a requirement.


Annual Inspections By a Professional


It never does any harm to have a professional examine any asset that you have in your home.  This is especially the case with you central air conditioning system.  You want to have an AC service Jacksonville FL professional inspect your entire system on an annual basis.  When we are able to come on-site and check out your system from top to bottom we are going to be able to do a few things.  We can help to do things like calibrate the thermostat, we can check electrical controls and coils, among other things.  This is all with the intent of making sure that your central air conditioning system is spot on in its performance.
You always want your central air conditioning system to be flawless in its performance.  This is especially the case in the hot summer months in Jacksonville, FL.  An AC service Jacksonville FL provider can help to do an assessment of your central air conditioning system and recommend repairs, upgrades, and so on.  Doing your part with vent cleanings and filter changes can also ensure that your central air conditioner has no issues in the performance department and continues to run effectively and efficiently.

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