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Three Tips to Help Keep Your Air Conditioning System Functioning Efficiently

The air conditioning system that you have in your home is something that you really need to keep on functioning effectively and efficiently.  Air conditioning maintenance Jacksonville FL is well understood to have a great deal of importance for systems new and old.  The fact of the matter, though, is that many owners of these systems simply let maintenance requirements lapse.  This can leave you exposed to a slew of issues that your system can develop over time, many of them which can knock your system out entirely for at least a period of time.


There are plenty of tips out there that you can practice as an owner of an air conditioning system to keep it functioning efficiently.  The tips which we are going to detail out here may seem overly simple, but they can make such a huge difference over the course of time.  The better that you care for your air conditioning system, the more it will give back to you with peak performance.


When you get a new air conditioning system, the first thing that you should do is to buy a maintenance plan that goes along with it.  We at J&W Heating and Air have what are known as our Energy Savings Program or ESP.  This is a program that is intended to help you with the maintenance of your system and also keep it running extremely efficiently.  


Purchase a Maintenance Plan


You may think that it is nuts to purchase a maintenance plan right out of the gate, but the reality is that the maintenance of your system needs to begin as soon as you buy it.  When you have that system turned on for the very first time, you should be immediately thinking about the work that needs to be done to keep it running as good in year five as it does on day one.


Change the Filter


The filter is one of the things that can get so easily neglected with your air conditioning system.  Changing the filter though is one of the easiest air conditioning maintenance Jacksonville FL tasks out there.  It is extremely inexpensive to change out your air filter for your system and it also is quite simple as well.  Make sure that you are going with an air filter that is going to properly fit your system and you are pretty much good to go.  If you are unsure of how to change the filter, ask a professional like us at J&W Heating and Air and we can help you out.


Cleaning the Air Ducts


The air ducts of your air conditioning system is another piece of the puzzle that also gets neglected the vast majority of the time.  The air ducts are what will be carrying all of that cool and comfortable air throughout your home.  As the time goes by though these air ducts can pick up a lot of dust and such, leaving them exposed to risk of mold growth, dirt and grime build-up, as well as other things that can truly be detrimental to the air quality of the home.  Having those air ducts cleaned regularly can help you avoid all of these troubles and can also lead to a more efficient system across the board.


There are plenty of little and easy things that you can do to help with your air conditioning maintenance Jacksonville FL needs.  We at J&W Heating and Air are going to be your best resource whether it has to do with advice needs you have, maintenance plans you are looking into, among other things.  Care for your air conditioning system and it will repay you with peak performance.

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