When you think about central air conditioning you usually think about cooling your home and making it that much more comfortable. The one thing you may not consider is energy efficiency. I mean, you are adding a central air conditioning system. Wouldn’t that, by design, add to the amount of electricity that your home uses? Well if you live in the Jacksonville, FL area, chances are you are already using window air conditioning units. Believe it or not, when you compare the two, central air conditioning can actually help make your home that much more energy efficient.

So how exactly does central air conditioning add to the overall energy efficiency of a home? The energy efficiency of a home is based on the amount of energy that is consumed by your home overall. When you have central air conditioning, you are going to be able to eliminate all of those window air conditioning units you have been using. You’ll also have more control over how long and when the air conditioning kicks on, and also experience the benefits that new technology brings to the table. Let’s take a closer look at these factors.

Getting Rid of the Window Air Conditioning Units

Window air conditioners consume an incredible amount of electricity. This is due to the fact that you likely have several of them dispersed throughout your home and have to have them running around the clock. A large window air conditioner that is used to just do a portion of your home can use as much electricity as a central air conditioning system would that does your entire home.

The goal for any homeowner should be to try and eliminate your window air conditioning units. They consume a great deal of electricity and are going to work in a far more inefficient manner than your central air unit would. When you can replace those window units with central air conditioning, you are going to be adding money to your pocket every month.

Improved Control Over the Running of the Air Conditioning

You also want to have control over how your air conditioners run. This means having the air conditioning running when your house needs to be cooled down as a whole and having it run in a manner that is going to efficiently and effectively cool the whole house. This equates to having full control from a temperature sense. When you have window air conditioning units, you may have some of them that are going to have to run around the clock in order to cool a home. Many of these units do not even have auto-off features once they hit a certain temperature. Even if they do, they’ll cycle on and off far more frequently than central air conditioning will do, causing energy usage to increase.

With central air conditioning, you truly do have full control over your system and the temperature that your home is operating at. A central air conditioning system is going to have a thermometer that is going to control your entire home’s temperature from top to bottom. This means being able to have your unit kick on only when it is needed and to work to get your home to that target temperature before cycling off again. You also have the ability with central air units to have multiple zones in the event that you want to have control over multiple areas of your home independently.

Taking Advantage of Technology Advancements

There have been a lot of advancements in recent years in terms of central air conditioning and the energy efficiency levels that they operate at. You want to have the latest and greatest technology in this area so that technological advancements can be used to your advantage. The energy efficiency level that your central air conditioning system is going to operate at is going to be far more efficient than the older window air conditioning units your home is operating with. With the new technology that is out there, taking advantage can help save you money in the long run in terms of energy costs to help offset the installation of the central air system itself out of the gate.

Central air conditioning truly can be a money-saver when it comes to energy efficiency. You want to be sure that the air conditioning system you are going with is going to be highly rated in the energy efficiency department. Having a sound understanding of just how much energy you’ll be savings annually compared to those old window units you are currently using can help put the whole project into perspective from a value sense.

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