There is a big entry cost to central air conditioning when compared to window air conditioning units. It is this very reason why so many people are hesitant to make the switch to a full-blown central AC system. Commercial HVAC St. Augustine FL professionals like us understand the value, but it is all about how we convey that value to you, our customers.

There are certainly going to benefit whether you go with a central air conditioning system or window AC units, but there will be disadvantages to each as well. It is all about choosing between the two based on the foundational knowledge that you have. Making an educated decision is always vital no matter how you opt to cool your home.

Central Systems are More Efficient

Central air conditioning systems are going to be leaps and more energy efficient when compared to window units. When you want to cool your entire home, the way to do this with window units is to have a unit installed in every room of your home, or at least spread out across the home in as many places as possible. When you need to run all of these simultaneously, the energy that is eaten up throughout this process is quite excessive when compared to central air conditioning.

With a central air conditioning system, this is not an issue as you are going to be able just to run the main unit and have all of the cold air dispersed throughout the home via all of the air ducts. A commercial HVAC St. Augustine FL system is more energy efficient, plain, and straightforward.

Regulated and Comfortable Temperature

Central air conditioning systems are going to be much more uniform regarding the temperature levels that it creates. With a window air conditioning unit, you are going to have cold air originating just from that one central location. The temperature where the window unit is will certainly be cool, but areas that are a bit far away from there are not going to be as cool as you would like.

Central air conditioning systems can create more uniform temperatures across the home because of all of the air ducts that are present. The air ducts will carry the air across the home in a controlled manner so that each room gets the air it needs and gets your home at the temperature that you desire.


The biggest downfall when it comes to central air conditioning systems is the initial entry price. Having a central air conditioning system installed will be more costly than just adding a window AC unit. The flip side of this, though, is that the central air system will be less expensive to run. In the short-term, the entry cost of the central AC system will be higher, but over time you will see your energy usage decrease and thus your energy bills as well.

If you already have a forced hot air system and air ducts in your home, central air conditioning is going to be that much cheaper with the initial installation, driving the cost disparity that much closer together.

You want to think about everything from the cost of energy efficiency, as well as the comfort that these different systems generate when making a decision for your home or business. We at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing can assist you with your decision and also help you with the installation of a central air conditioning system, helping with the initial installation and follow-up maintenance over time. A central air conditioning system packs a large number of benefits and understanding them can help you justify that increased entry cost when compared to a window air conditioning unit.

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