Summer has finally come to an end and now we can crank up the heat! Autumn is a perfect time to do preventative maintenance on your HVAC system, ensuring it’s running efficiently all year long. We at J&W Heating and Air are here to help you with some excellent fall maintenance tips.

Make Sure the HVAC Is Clear

When you transition from summer to autumn, a lot of what you kept outside will make its way back inside. You’ll start putting away furniture and summer toys. This is when you want to make sure your HVAC system has appropriate clearance.

Take a look at both the interior and exterior units. Is their airflow unobstructed? When the units are free and clear, they can operate smoothly. Trim away trees, rake up leaves, and be sure you have at least two feet around all areas. The same goes for indoor units.

Have a Professional Tune Up

Autumn is an excellent time for a professional tune-up. Our team at J&W Heating and Air can help! The goal of our tune-ups is to keep the efficiency level of the system high and utility bills low. We will inspect your indoor and outdoor units for fluid levels and electrical connections.

As soon as the air starts to cool, you’ll want to switch your HVAC system over to heating. But, you want to make sure it is ready to give you that comfort because warming up on the first chilly night is a must! Make an appointment for a professional tune-up so you can have the assurance that your system will work great!

Great Air Quality

You may think your HVAC system works just to maintain comfortable temperatures, but it does more! It’s also responsible for maintaining a high level of air quality inside the home. If you have regular maintenance done in the autumn, it can assist in this effort. Go ahead and have your air ducts cleaned and your filters replaced because it is effective!

Avoiding Repair Needs

Preventative maintenance and inspection of your HVAC system help to keep it running safely and repair-free. If something needs to be corrected, a check will help to identify small issues before they result in a breakdown. Avoid significant repairs with maintenance by our team of professionals at J&W Heating and Air.

The autumn season is the ideal time to take action and give your HVAC system some attention. Have our team come out to do a tune-up of your system, but make sure you have adequate clearance. Taking these steps now allows you to enjoy the benefits of a properly functioning HVAC system all winter long.

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