The typical thought process when you think about the dangers that tropical storms present are that they can harm your home directly, breaking windows, damaging the siding, ripping up the roof, and so on. Floods are also always an area of concern, but again, you typically think about a flood to your home, not necessarily your air conditioning system. The truth though is that there is some real harm that a tropical storm can bring to an HVAC system, leaving you needing emergency air conditioning repair in Jacksonville FL by one of our professionals.

The best thing that you can do is to be aware of the dangers that a storm such as this can cause to your HVAC system. You want to have knowledge of the risks that are present so that you can try to prevent them, or at least be more conscious of them should your system go down for a period after one of these raging storms rolls through.

Flooding the Unit

One of the big risks is that of a flood around your air conditioning unit, whether it be on the outside or the inside of your home. The inside of your home is likely going to be where the air handler is going to be located, sometimes in the basement along with your furnace. If there is a flood, it is not going to take much for the water to begin to harm the electrical connections of the system, getting into the motor and such as well. When you see a flood beginning to take over these components, there is one emergency step you can take to reduce damage. Locate the electrical circuit breaker and shut it off immediately.

Our team of professionals has seen air conditioning repair in Jacksonville FL jobs that have resulted from floods far too many times. They can actually drown your system, literally and figuratively, substantially reducing the ability of the system to operate as you would expect.

Wind and Debris Damage

Outdoor units are also going to be exposed to a lot of risks in the areas of wind and debris damage. When you have a tropical storm, one of the common things that you are going to see is trees flying around, leaves, and perhaps furniture from the outside of the home. The wind has the power and the ability to pick up a lot of steam and essentially hurl things in the direction of your home and your air conditioning system.

Wind and debris damage can take down an air conditioning system in a flash. A few big blasts from the wind and the debris linked to it can lead to a lot of structural damage to the outdoor unit. It can harm the system’s motor, and get at the electrical connection, and the hose connection to the house, among other areas of concern. Our air conditioning repair Jacksonville FL professionals can repair what is necessary, but doing what you can protect the system by covering it may help in these rare storm instances.

The harm that can be done to your air conditioning system as a result of a tropical storm is extensive to say the very least. It is pivotal to have our air conditioning repair Jacksonville FL professionals on standby when these big storms do roll through to help get your system back up and running quickly. Be aware of the risks and do what you can to prevent extensive damage that can ultimately lead to individual components of your system needing to be replaced outright, rather than just repaired.

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