When you go through the process of having a central air conditioning system added to your home, there are many different things that you have to think about. You have to think about things such as the size of the unit that you need in order to cool your home, you probably want to think about the ducts that you may already have or may need to have added to your home, how you are going to power the system, among other things. One thing that you may not have considered, but probably should, is adding a zone control system as part of your new central air conditioning system. One of the most common things that we add, whenever we come out for a Jacksonville AC repair job, is a zone control system and it is due to the many benefits that the system can provide to you as a homeowner.

So what exactly is a zone control system? A zone control system essentially lets you have full control over your central air conditioning system in multiple areas or rooms of your home. Instead of having one thermostat that controls your entire air conditioning system, you are going to have multiple thermostats. This means that you could have one thermostat on your first floor, another on your second, maybe one in your bedroom, and so on. A zone control system can benefit you in a few big ways including giving you improved control as well as many gains in the energy efficiency department.

Improved Control

One of the biggest benefits of going with a zone control system as part of your installation or your Jacksonville AC repair job is that the zone control system is going to give you a lot more control over the temperature in your home. You probably do not want your entire home at all one temperature. You may want the living room and kitchen a certain temperature, but perhaps you want your bedroom a bit colder. If you have a basement, the central air conditioner may not have to work as hard down there simply because it is going to naturally be cooler than it is upstairs. Due to this reason, you may not need to have the temperature on the system quite as low. A zone control system is going to give you this level of improved control across the board.

We all want to have full control over the temperature in our homes for a few reasons. There are energy efficiency gains as we mentioned below, but it really boils down to comfort when you think about it. The whole reason that you have a central air conditioning system in the first place is in order to make your home that much more comfortable. With a zone control system that level of comfort is going to be elevated to the next level.

Gains in the Energy Efficiency Department

The gains in the energy efficiency department when you are talking about a zone control system are also pretty hard to ignore. Thinking about your home overall, you probably do not need your central air conditioning system running as much as you do in certain areas of the home. Why have the system pumping cold air into the bedroom when you are not going to be heading there until you go to sleep? There is the ability with a zone control system to not waste energy cooling areas of the home at times of the day when it is simply not needed. This means that you can keep the system on and cool the areas that you want, while leaving those other areas stable for the day, giving you the chance to turn the system on when it is more necessary. This can lead to reduced use of energy so that you can have some energy efficiency gains.

Central air conditioning systems are assets that are extremely beneficial to all Jacksonville, FL homeowners. Whether you are having a new system added to your home or you have one of our Jacksonville AC repair professionals on-site, inquire about adding a zone control system. This can give you added control over the temperature of your home and can also help you in the energy efficiency department. This all leads to making your central air conditioning system that much more valuable overall.

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