When you live in a climate such as that of Jacksonville, FL central air conditioning is something that is pretty much required in order to stay comfortable. The summer months of July and August are extremely hot and humid. Just walking outside a few feet can leave you dripping in sweat and extremely uncomfortable. Central air conditioning is what can provide you relief from this heat. It can provide you that comfort so that no matter how hot it is outside, you can stay cool and comfortable inside your home to do whatever it is you would like to do. When you have made the decision to add central air conditioning to your home, you have to be ready for the process that ensues. Adding central air conditioning truly is a step-by-step process that you should be following along with an experienced professional like us at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing.

The process of adding central air conditioning to your home is one that is going to have to truly be adapted to your property. When you have a grasp of what that process is going to involve though you are going to be better equipped to make all of the important decisions along the way and also ensure that the system you end up with is going to be exactly what you were looking for. Central air conditioning systems are not all created equal and doing your part to understand what is involved from the initial installation to AC service Jacksonville FL requirements will help you along the way.

Choose the Right Unit

The first thing you are going to have to decide on from a central air conditioning perspective is what is the right size of the unit that you should get. The main area of focus should be here is exactly how much heat your home is going to be subjected to on a daily basis. Is your home in a spot where there is very little shade? Do you have a bunch of trees providing your home cover? These are the things that will help you initially size up the unit. From there, you want to figure out what the right size will be for your unit. Btu per hour is the measure that is typically used for central air conditioning systems. A unit that is too big or too small is not going to work in an efficient manner to give you the cooling and energy efficiency combo you are probably looking for. Our experts can help you choose the perfect unit.

Place the Unit

You are also going to want to work with one of our professionals to help you place the unit. Placement is something you are going to want to pay attention to simply because central air conditioning systems are not that quiet. If you have the condenser right outside of a bedroom window, you may hear it. Figure out a location where it is going to be able to exhaust the warm air, but also not disturb the peace of your home.

Ducts or No Ducts

If you have a home that has a forced hot air system, you probably already have ducts in place. In the event that you do not, we can work with you to run the necessary ducts for your home. There are also new ductless solutions that you may want to consider to help to keep the cost of the installation down as much as possible. We can work with you to help you figure out which rooms in your home need ducts and which probably do not. We can also work to help you get set up with thermostats and as many zones as you think you will need.

Having central air conditioning added to your Jacksonville, FL home is a great investment. Partnering with us during the initial installation is the start of a long-term partnership. We can work with you as the system ages to give you the necessary AC service in Jacksonville FL attention needed. Understanding the process of adding central air conditioning to your home will help you make pivotal decisions and get your home properly cooled.

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