Whether you’re looking for an energy-efficient alternative to ducted systems like central air or heat pumps, or merely thinking about upgrading your system to avoid some of the indoor air quality issues associated with ductwork, a ductless mini split makes an excellent solution for year-round heating and cooling. As a type of heat pump, it shares many similar characteristics, and it uses the same type of refrigerant cycle that all air conditioners use. But perhaps because of the strange name or because of their lack of ducts, many customers are not sure what to make of ductless systems or how they work. We’d like to clear up some of the mystery. Call J&W Heating and Air today for excellent ductless mini split and other air conditioning services in Jacksonville, FL.

As we already suggested, a ductless mini-split system uses a similar setup to conventional heat pumps and central air conditioners, but there are some important differences. The lack of ducts would seem to present problems for air distribution, but as we shall see, this can actually be an advantage. The outdoor unit of both ductless and conventional systems is more or less the same. It contains a compressor and a condenser where the thermal energy is dissipated and drawn in, depending on the season. But the indoor unit is much different.

The indoor unit of a ductless mini-split is relatively compact. It sits within the living space itself, often high on a wall or suspended from a ceiling. It does everything a conventional air handler does, except without ducts. It connects to the outdoor unit by a series of refrigerant, drainage, and electrical lines, which means that the outdoor unit can actually be located much further from the home than in conventional system setups. A ductless mini split also gives you the option of having multiple indoor air handlers installed throughout the home so that each distinct zone can be controlled separately. This can help you cut down on energy costs while also improving comfort.

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