If you already have air conditioning installed or you need a new system with professional AC installation, you should be aware of what kinds of air conditioning services are offered in the area. Luckily, air conditioning experts can usually perform whatever service you may need. For professional air conditioning services in St. Augustine, look no further than J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing. We have technicians trained in all aspects of installation, repair, and maintenance.

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

If you need a new air conditioning system, local technicians are available to help you select the appropriate system for your home and provide professional AC installation and replacement services. A specialist can discuss the system features that are important to you, such as placement, size, affordability, and energy efficiency. The specialist can answer any questions you have about your new system and describe options you may not be aware of, such as ductless mini-split systems. Finally, a technician will carefully and properly install your new system for less potential energy loss and better performance.

Air Conditioning Repair

When your air conditioning needs repair, you want a reliable technician who will direct you to the proper solution without selling you a product you don’t need. Quality technicians offer air conditioning repair services to locate the problem and provide repair services and recommendations. A technician will also check your system or any further issues that may need repair.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is one of the best ways to prevent future repair issues for your AC system. A technician should visit your home once a year to clean various components of your system, check refrigerant levels, lubricate the motors, and provide an inspection of the whole system. This can help your system run more efficiently for a longer period of time and help you avoid future breakdowns and repairs.

Air Conditioning Services in St. Augustine

Here at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing, our technicians are trained in air conditioning installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance and can answer all of your questions about your AC system. For air conditioning services in St. Augustine, give us a call today!

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