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What You Need To Know About Our Maintenance Program

You have to think about your air conditioning system as an asset and also as an investment. When you make the move to add central air conditioning to your Jacksonville, FL home, chances are you are putting out a good chunk of change to have that system installed in the first place.  Now that you have it installed, you want to do all that you can so that you can help the system realize its full potential.  This means ensuring that the system is going to be able to run as effectively and efficiently as it should be able to.  This also means working to be sure that the system can live up to its expected lifespan.  One of the best ways to do this is to rely on the great maintenance program that we at J&W Heating and Air have made available to our customers.


Your air conditioning system should always been in the hands of the professionals at J&W Heating and Air.  We have the skills, the experience, and the knowledge that is necessary to really make a difference in terms of what we are able to do to help your system across the board.  Whether that means doing maintenance work to tune-up the system, taking care of minor repairs, or even major ones, our maintenance program can be tailored to your needs so that you can get the service you would expect and that you need.


The Energy Saving Program


The core of our maintenance program revolves around what is known as the Energy Saving Program or ESP.  The whole idea behind the Energy Saving Program is to get your entire air conditioning system on a routine maintenance schedule.  This is going to allow our technicians at J&W Heating and Air to come out from time to time and give your system the attention that in needs.


This attention that we are going to be paying to your central air conditioning system is going to be widespread.  It is going to include things such as routine maintenance.  It is also going to include some minor repairs as well, and even major ones in the event that those are necessary.  The goal with the Energy Saving Program, just as it is named, is to try and save you as much money as possible. When your system can run efficiently, you are going to be working to really keep those energy bills low day in and day out.  


Reducing Energy Bills


The maintenance program that we offer is going to work to cut those energy bills for you.  When you have our technicians performing AC maintenance Jacksonville FL in a routine manner, they are going to help to get your system running at its peak performance.  When you have a system running as perfectly as it can, you are going to see those energy bills get reduced by up to 25% or more.  IT makes that much of a difference when you have our maintenance program working for you.


Keeping Minor Issues, Minor


You always want to try and keep the minor issues that crop up with your central air conditioning system as minor as possible.  This means that you are working to address these things right out of the gate before they turn into bigger problems.  With our maintenance program you never have to worry about paying overtime charges or anything like that.  We are available to you when you have issues with your air conditioning system so that we can get out to your home and begin our work in as timely of a fashion as possible.  The sooner that we can get to the system and been our repair work the more minor the issue is going to be.  The more an issue drags on and gets worse, the more major the repair becomes.
We have plenty of options available with our AC maintenance Jacksonville FL programs.  Whether you decide to go with the platinum, silver, or bronze level of service, you are going to be able to experience all of the great benefits that come with our maintenance program.  We have worked extremely hard to make this maintenance program the best that it can be.  When we can use our knowledge and our expertise to give back and really help you as a consumer, it can be very rewarding and beneficial for all involved.

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