There are many reasons you may need air conditioning services in St. Augustine. Maybe you’re a new homeowner installing a brand new system, or maybe you’ve noticed reduced efficiency or other repair needs with your air conditioner. Whatever the reason, there’s no time to wait. Here are some of the reasons you should call for air conditioning services today.

Air Conditioning Repairs

If you need air conditioning repair, don’t wait to call a professional today. Loud noises coming from your air conditioner, high energy bills, reduced cooling capacity, or any other problems can all indicate serious problems. Besides, summer is the worst time to be without AC if your small repair problem leads to a sudden breakdown. Call for air conditioning repair today to prevent your system from developing any further damage.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

One reason to call for air conditioning services even when everything seems to be running smoothly is air conditioning maintenance. During maintenance, a technician performs services such as cleaning the coils and adding lubricant, all of which are likely to improve the overall performance and efficiency of the system. We recommend scheduling maintenance once a year or signing up for a maintenance program to protect your system.

Air Conditioning Replacement

Your older air conditioner may not have much time left. After ten years, air conditioners tend to become a lot less efficient and are more likely to need repairs. Replacing a system that has broken down may actually be more costly than replacing your system now. Besides, air conditioning replacement allows you the opportunity to upgrade to a more efficient system.


You can also upgrade your air conditioner even if it does not yet need replacement. One common air conditioning upgrade is a programmable thermostat, which is more accurate and has more settings and features than a manual thermostat. Another common upgrade is a zone control system which allows you to adjust the temperature separately in different areas of your home for increased comfort and energy savings.

When you need any of these air conditioning services in St. Augustine, call J&W Heating and Air to talk to a professional technician.

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