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Why We Recommend Energy Audits

A home energy audit, also known as a home energy assessment, is a professional evaluation of how efficiently a home uses energy. During an audit, technicians locate places where a house is losing and gaining heat and unnecessarily wasting power. The process looks over many different parts and components of a home, examining ductwork, windows, ductworks, the heating and cooling system, insulation, and appliances. The auditors use tools such as blower doors and infrared cameras to find the spots where a home is losing energy.

If you have never scheduled an energy audit for your house, we strongly recommend that you do so. Although there are steps you can take to perform an energy audit on your own, only professional auditors can give you a thorough room-to-room examination with blower door tests and thermographic scans. The details that our energy auditors at J & W Heating and Air provide will help you make changes to your house that will reduce energy waste and lower your bills. Call us today to arrange for energy audits in St. Augustine, FL.

How You Will Benefit From an Energy Audit

  • Find and seal insulation leaks: Your home probably has numerous air leaks where lack of insulation or aging insulation allows heat to escape during cold weather and heat to enter during warm weather. Many of these leaks are difficult if not impossible to locate unless you have skilled auditors conduct a blower door test or thermographic scan. After the tests, the auditors will tell you where you need new and replacement insulation to create a better heat seal on your house.
  • Save money on fuel costs: Auditors will analyze your previous year’s fuel bills to determine the home’s base energy consumption. Once they complete the audit, they can find out the best ways you can lower those bills through both your patterns of energy use and and energy upgrades.
  • Increased safety: An audit does more than simply spot the waste of energy. It also pinpoints places where your heating and cooling system may be creating unnecessary dangers and health risks. This is especially important if you have a gas-powered furnace in your home; the auditors will make sure that the system is properly venting. Auditors also inspect fireplaces, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, the electrical system, and dryer vents. If they spot anything potentially hazardous, they will notify you so you can remedy it.

When you call on J & W Heating and Air for an energy audit, we will send experienced specialist to your home for a top-to-bottom inspection and analysis. When they are done, they will present you with detailed findings that will help you improve your home for better and safer energy use. You can also count on us for many of the energy upgrades you may require. For energy audits that will help you make a difference, trust us to get it done right.

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