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Proudly serving Jacksonville and the surrounding communities since 1966



Living in Jacksonville, FL means that you need a great air conditioning system you can rely on. We have a great selection of systems, and we also offer exceptional AC services.


As hot as it can get around here, you still need a dependable heating system. For quality heating installation, repair, replacement and maintenance services, we are the company to call.


When it comes to comfort, temperature is only part of the equation. You must also have great indoor air quality if you want to live in a truly comfortable environment.


Do you want to keep all of your HVAC equipment in the best condition possible? Contact a member of our team to inquire about the benefits of our maintenance program.


Are you using your energy wisely? Does it seem as though heating and cooling your Jacksonville, FL home is unreasonably expensive? Call today to schedule a professional energy audit.


Whatever type of business goes on in your commercial property, it is important that your clients, tenants, customers and employees are comfortable. Quality commercial HVAC services will see to that.


J & W Heating and Air — An Air Conditioning and Heating Company in Jacksonville, FL

Living in Florida has countless perks that homeowners here enjoy each and every day. Warm, sunny weather abounds for much of the year, and our heating season is pretty mild. If you want to enjoy the most comfortable living situation possible, of course, you must have a quality heating and cooling system to get you through the hottest and coldest times of the year. Working with J & W Heating and Air is the perfect way to ensure that you are able to heat and cool your home in a very reliable, efficient and effective manner. Contact us today if you have any questions at all about the HVAC services our skilled technicians have to offer.

Air Conditioning

Living in Florida means that you have a nice, hot climate to enjoy for much of the year. It also means that your air conditioner is going to get quite the workout. Make sure that your AC is ready for action by scheduling your air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance services with a member of our team. If you need a quality air conditioning company in Jacksonville, FL, we are the one to call.


While it is true that Florida is quite warm for much of the year, you must also prepare yourself for those nights when the temperature dips into uncomfortably low territory. We have a great selection of heaters for you to choose from, including heat pumps and Mitsubishi ductless heating systems. Contact us today for more information about all of your heating options. A warm climate is no excuse to neglect your heating in Jacksonville, FL.

Indoor Air Quality

You need more than just comfortable temperatures to make your home the most enjoyable living space possible. You must also ensure that your indoor air quality in Jacksonville, FL is exceptional. You deserve to breathe clean, pure air in the comfort of your own home, and our indoor air quality specialists can help make sure that this is the case. Contact us today if you have any concerns about your indoor air quality.

Energy Audits

It is a great luxury to be able to keep your home comfortable all year long, but it is even better to do so in the most efficient manner possible. This can be tougher than it sounds. If your home is not using energy efficiently, you may find that your heating and cooling costs are far higher than you’d like. With a thorough energy audit in Jacksonville, FL, though, we can help ensure that you are able to keep your home comfortable without draining your budget. Call for further details about using energy in your home more efficiently.

Commercial HVAC

Commercial HVAC systems are large, complex and costly. You need to know that your Jacksonville, FL commercial HVAC technician is handling your commercial service needs properly. For quality commercial HVAC systems 25 tons and under, we are the air conditioning and heating company you can count on. Give us a call if you have any commercial HVAC or commercial indoor air quality needs taken care of.

Whatever you may need to live and work more comfortably, J & W Heating and Air is the Jacksonville, FL air conditioning and heating company to call. Our technicians do it all, making us your one stop shop for HVAC and indoor air quality services. Please call with any questions you may have about the extensive services we offer.