Maintaining comfortable temperatures in your home is certainly an important endeavor. However, you must also ensure that the air quality in your home is high if you want to be truly comfortable. Because there are so many potential problems that your indoor air quality may face, it is important that you schedule your indoor air quality services with a trained professional who can help you determine how best to resolve your problems. Look no further than the Jacksonville, FL indoor air quality specialists at J & W Heating and Air. We have the products and services you need to start living in a cleaner, healthier living environment.

The indoor air quality experts at J & W Heating and Air offer quality repair, installation, and maintenance services throughout the Jacksonville, FL area.

Our Indoor Air Quality Services Include:

Air Filtration Systems

One great way in which to enjoy great indoor air quality in your home is with a quality air filtration system in Jacksonville, FL. Whether you just need a mechanical air filter or a new electronic air cleaner, we’ll make sure that you have everything you need to filter the air in your home properly. Call to learn more.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are another effective means of boosting indoor air quality in your home. Let us handle your air purifier installation, repair and maintenance. That way you can be sure that every service is completed with care every step of the way.


Is the air in your home too dry? Not only can this lead to uncomfortable living conditions, but extremely dry air can also put your air quality at risk. A whole house humidifier is a great way to ensure that your air has just the right amount of humidity.


Overly humid air, of course, is no better than very dry air. You really need to strike a balance in order to live as comfortably as possible. The good news is that the right dehumidifier in Jacksonville, FL can help to restore proper humidity levels in your home.

UV Air Purifiers

There are some indoor air quality problems that air filtration alone is not capable of handling. For biological pollutants, including viruses, mold and bacteria, a more specialized approach may be necessary. Contact us to learn about the benefits of using UV air purifiers.

Air Duct Cleaning

One major issue that a lot of homeowners suffer from is dirty ductwork. The problem with this is that, in many cases, homeowners don’t even realize that there is a problem at first. With professional air duct cleaning, you can rest assured that the only thing traveling throughout your ductwork is clean, pure air.

Duct Sealing

Don’t let the air that you’ve paid to heat or cool escape before it reaches its destination. Make sure that your ductwork is properly sealed to avoid such issues. Contact a member of our team today to learn how duct sealing in Jacksonville, FL can benefit you.

Duct Testing

If your air ducts are leaking conditioned air, then there is just no way in which you can hope to live in as comfortable and efficient an environment as possible. By scheduling professional duct testing, you can know for sure where the problem lies. Only then can it be dealt with accordingly.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

Why should you suffer with stale, low quality air in your home just because you want to keep your heating and cooling system efficient? With a good energy recovery ventilator in your Jacksonville, FL home, you don’t have to. Use these great devices in order to properly ventilate your home without wasting the energy you’ve already paid for while doing so.

Heat Recovery Ventilators

Do you find that your heater leaves the air in your home feeling stale? Do you want to vent your home more efficiently, but fear seeing your heating costs spike? Then consider a heat recovery ventilator. This is a great way to enjoy great air quality and efficiency at the same time.


The insulation in your home is extremely important. Make sure that you are able to heat and cool your home as efficiently as possible and that you can enjoy exceptional indoor air quality. Quality insulation in Jacksonville, FL is a must if you hope to achieve these goals.

Call J & W Heating and Air to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Don’t settle for poor indoor air quality in your home. Our team has the products and services you need to live in a cleaner, healthier environment. Call J & W Heating and Air today to discuss the benefits of various indoor air quality systems in Jacksonville, FL.