When was the last time that you turned the bathroom exhaust fan on? Do you choose not to turn it on because it is broken, or maybe because it is too loud? So many of us have bathroom exhaust fans that are decades old. They may have gotten to the point where they just do not function properly. Instead of repairing them, though, we just let them sit there, thinking they do not harm. As Jacksonville energy audit professionals, we want to stress that it is vital to have that bathroom fan fixed and to use it correctly!

#1 – Serve the Purpose

The first reason you need a working bathroom exhaust fan is for it to serve its primary objective: You need that fan to be able to remove moisture from the bathroom. That is the best thing the fan can do for many reasons. So much harm can come from moisture that is just allowed to sit in the area.

#2 – Controlling the Odor

Without the exhaust fan, the odor will build up over time. The fan will also dry up the moisture so it doesn’t sit and build up. You want to keep the bathroom ventilated to better the air quality. The odors can also be a sign of mold growing up within the exhaust fan, due to it just sitting and collecting moisture.

#3 – Removing the Fumes

There can be a lot of fume buildup within the bathroom as time goes by. With a bathroom, all of the moisture and chemicals can build up over time. A bathroom exhaust fan is going to dry all of that up so that you do not have those issues. Health problems can crop up when these fumes are allowed to increase over time. Small children, the elderly, and anyone with respiratory or lung problems are going to be the most susceptible to these areas.

A bathroom exhaust fan can be a precious asset to have within a home. We also offer commercial indoor quality services.The amount of moisture that can build up in a bathroom is the perfect recipe for mold growth as well as other problems to arise. If you have a bathroom exhaust fan that is old or busted, take the time to have it repaired. Our Jacksonville energy audit professionals will certainly point this out and stress the importance of it, should we observe such a thing when inspecting your home during your indoor air quality service.

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