It is important to keep the inside of your home comfortable at all times. When indoor environments end up with excessive humidity, comfort levels go out the window. You are also exposing yourself and your family to some health risks as a result as well.

The cure for humidity problems inside the home is typically purchasing a dehumidifier. What are some of the signs you need such a tool? Talk to our team of air conditioning Nocatee FL professionals, and we can help shed further light on this topic.

Moisture on the Windows

One of the biggest signs you need a dehumidifier inside of the home is moisture on the windows. When indoor environments get too humid, you’ll find water in the form of condensation and it will build up on the glass inside the room.

The windows will appear to be foggy. You may even see water droplets sliding down the glass panes. The droplets are a sign that a fair amount of moisture has been able to build up in the locale.

Mold Showing Up

Do you think you are starting to see signs of mold around the home? When you have mold spots popping up on the walls and ceiling in rooms, it’s a sign you have a humidity issue for sure. Our air conditioning Nocatee FL can help to an extent with cooling solutions, but you may also need a dehumidifier.

When you have excess moisture in the air of your home, the mold is going to be able to spawn quite rapidly. The biggest trouble area in a home is usually the bathroom, especially when you are not able to vent it out of a duct or a window in the room.

Unpleasant Odors

Have you begun to sense you have musty odors present in some regions of the home? When you start to pick up these scents, it is a clear sign you have a humidity issue. The musty odor smell typically is going to indicate mold and mildew are present inside the home. Excessive humidity is going to be the leading cause of this and also trigger the odor from cropping up.

There are a lot of things you can pay attention to as a homeowner to figure out where your humidity stands. If you are curious at all, call our team of air conditioning Nocatee FL professionals to help measure the current state. You may simply need a dehumidifier to get everything back to square one. We at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing can be the answer to any of the questions you may have about the humidity in your home and how to care for it.

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