As the owner of a home, it can be very easy to identify situations where you have excessive moisture, high humidity levels, indoors. There are certain things that you can begin to notice right out of the gate, such as windows that have a lot of fog on them. You may get that smell of mildew or a musty odor that is taking over the home. How about your skin? Do you have that clammy feeling and sensation? These are all signs that humidity levels need to be addressed, whether it is through air conditioning repair Jacksonville FL or by some other means.

Humidity may appear in more ways than just through foggy windows and odors. When there is a lot of moisture in the home for significant periods of time, you may see more damaging signs that it is present, such as wet spots where the moisture resides most. You could start to notice rotting wood around the home, as well as the growth of mold. When you have a home that is just too humid, you should be taking some steps to decreasing those levels.

Make Sure Ventilation Systems Exist

You want to be sure that you have the proper ventilation around the home. Ventilation is crucial in the areas where there is going to be the most moisture. For the vast majority of homes, the locations that you can expect to see this in high numbers include the kitchen, as well as the bathroom. The bathroom is the key area here as you want to be sure you have a vent that is on, especially during those long and hot showers. Get the vent on and leave it on before, during, and after the shower to get rid of that moisture.

The kitchen presents the same type of issue when you are cooking on the stove top, baking in the oven, even running the microwave. This all creates heat, and when it is crashed up against cold air, moisture and humidity can begin to form and build up quickly. If you do not have vents installed in these rooms, at least crack a window open as even that will help in a big way.

Repair Your Air Conditioning System

Another reason that it could be very humid inside of the home is due to an aging air conditioning system that you have. If you have an air conditioning system that is not running as efficiently as it used to, or is too big for the home, you may find that an air conditioning repair Jacksonville FL is needed, or even a full replacement. The system may not be suited in its current state to cool your home and also get rid of any of the humidity that has built up inside of it. Our team of professionals can help you address these concerns by coming out to check out the system, do an assessment of it, and see if perhaps that is the root of your humidity issues.

Move House Plants

Another sneaky way for moisture and humidity to quickly build up inside of the home is through the house plants that you have. Place houseplants outside or try and see if you have the ability to get them in a location in one room. When you’d o this, you are going to be able to block some of the humidity they ill let off. Some plants are going to build up a lot of moisture vapor and then in one shot release it into the air. This can lead to a lot of humidity in the home stemming right from those plants.

There are plenty of simple and efficient ways that you can work to deal with humidity inside of the home. Address air conditioning repair Jacksonville FL needs, be sure that you are moving house plants outdoors, and ventilate all of the rooms that you can. When you do these things, your humidity levels should reduce. Also, you may want to consider installing a dehumidifier in your home to lower the amount of humidity!

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