Having an effective and efficient air conditioning system for your business is not an option in Florida. Our heavy and humid summers can make the interior of any building miserable unless an AC keeps it properly cooled down. Without an air conditioner doing its job, you’ll have unhappy employees and customers, and your company will suffer because of it.

Whenever you need repairs for your commercial air conditioning in Jacksonville, FL—25 tons and under—look to the skilled technicians at J&W Heating and Air. We have hands-on experience with commercial work that will make sure we leave you satisfied with the job we’ve done.

3 Things to Consider for Commercial AC Repair

  • You must have specialists in commercial repair: The difference between residential and commercial air conditioners is far more than one of scale. Commercial air conditioners have more extensive ventilation systems, different configurations (such as the popular rooftop package unit), and multiple thermostats. A repair technician who is only familiar with working on home cooling systems will not be able to properly handle repairs for a commercial system; you need specialists with the right training and experience to handle the specific problems that can arise with a commercial HVAC system.
  • Thermostats can make all the difference: Most businesses will use more than one thermostat to control the air conditioner, allowing employees to adjust the temperature in separate locations and to provide cooling to match the purposes of different rooms. It only takes one thermostat to develop a miscalibration or fault to begin to throw off the whole system and lead to uneven temperatures. Commercial repair experts can track down issues that come from faulty thermostats and fix them.
  • Maintenance is more important than ever: An annual maintenance visit is necessary for residential and commercial air conditioners to work their best and avoid repairs. But consider how much greater a risk a business runs if it’s air conditioner breaks down due to lack of maintenance than a home does! The time it takes for repair technicians to reach you and restore your AC will often mean having to temporarily shut down your business because of discomfort. You can’t afford to let that happen, and so you can’t afford to let regular maintenance slide. Make sure you have it scheduled each year around the same time—spring is ideal—from a reputable commercial HAVC company.

For your (25 tons and under) commercial HVAC service in Jacksonville, FL, make sure you rely on repair experts with the experience to get the job done right the first time. J&W Heating and Air has served Jacksonville and the surrounding areas with quality AC services since 1966. Give us a call today!

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