Now that winter is in full swing, the coldest nights are still ahead. Our team at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing knows you want to keep your family nice and warm this winter without having to worry about an increased electric bill or compromised indoor air quality. We’ve come up with some quick tips for keeping warm while extending the life of your unit and saving as much money as possible:

Change Filters

Many people think it’s only necessary to change filters during the hotter parts of the year. That’s not true! To keep your system operating at peak efficiency you must change it regularly throughout the year. Routine filter changes ensure quality indoor air, better airflow in the home, keep energy costs at a minimum and best of all, extend the life of your system. Be sure to check your filters for any dust or debris because you could be breathing in airborne pollutants. A quick change every one to three months will help maintain your unit’s efficiency and avoid a breakdown later. If you’re a pet owner, an indoor smoker, you have a large family or someone in your household has allergies, it’s highly recommended to change your filter monthly.

Update Thermostat

If you haven’t already, updating your thermostat to digital is a must. A digital system allows you to program your system. This way, everyone stays warm while they’re home and you can save money by turning it off when they’re gone. Our team recommends 68 degrees when people are at home and 58 when everyone is at work or school. Your electric bill will thank you for the change. ACEEE says that if you turn your thermostat down 10 degrees when you go to work and at night (for at least 16 hours a day), you can save about 14%. In the long run, that could amount to some major savings!

Clean Air Vents

Has your utility bill spiked since cranking up the heat? It could be time for an air duct cleaning because as your unit becomes less efficient, it’ll cost more. While air duct cleaning only needs to be done periodically, it’s still crucial to have experts check for mold, mildew, and other materials that may accumulate over time. Have you noticed your allergies acting up? Consider calling J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing to clean your ducts if you have high levels of airborne pollutants like smoke, dander, and allergens. We’ll get the air in your home fresh in no time!


One of the easiest ways to cut electric costs in the winter is to ensure your home has sufficient insulation. Insulation is key to keeping the warm air inside and the cold air out. If your insulation is subpar, you’ll likely have to run your unit longer. Running your heat more frequently than usual results in a shortened lifespan of your system and a spiked electric bill. Forecasts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration say this winter will be about 13 percent colder than previous winters. Colder weather means using your heater more. Don’t let your hard-earned money go to waste, insulation is an investment you won’t regret. Our team at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing is more than happy to help you keep your costs this winter to a minimum.


Proper ventilation is more important than you think. Without it, your indoor air will be polluted with toxins that are potentially hazardous to your health. Good ventilation protects you and your family from inhaling unpleasant odors and harmful gases. Additionally, ventilation keeps your home free from mold and mildew, which can ruin your walls and give off bad smells. Protect your home and your family from dirty air by having J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing check your ventilation system.

Schedule Maintenance

Keep your home comfortable no matter the temperature outside by scheduling regular preventative maintenance. A maintenance inspection typically includes examining the motor, blower, drain line, coils, working pressures, temperature, return and supply lines, and refrigerant levels. Failing to check your unit routinely results in larger and more expensive problems. You can boost your system’s lifespan, lower your utility bills and breathe cleaner air when our team checks your unit regularly!

An air conditioner’s filters, coils, and motor require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service. Neglecting maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy uses steadily increases. The J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing team love to help our Jacksonville neighbors with HVAC maintenance. Our priority is that your system runs smoothly no matter the season and that you and your family can sleep comfortably. Take these great tips and keep your family comfortable despite the temperature outside. Call us today to schedule your maintenance appointment. We look forward to working with you!

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