Going through the process of having an air conditioning system installed in your home is worthwhile, to say the least. You are going to get energy efficiency gains when compared to window units, better even cooling of the home across all rooms with the multiple vents, and an overall more comfortable living environment. It is imperative, though, to make sure that you are having the correctly sized residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL system installed. If you go with a size that is not proper for your home, you are going to experience the downfalls that go with such a decision.

Wasted Energy

One of the big reasons why it is important to install the right sized residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL unit is energy efficiency. A massive benefit of trading in your old window air conditioning units for a central air conditioning system is that, in theory, you are going to be using less energy to run the system compared to the multiple window units. The energy efficiency gains will only be realized, though, if you buy a unit that is properly sized.

A unit that is purchased too big or too small for the home is going to end up running cycles that simply are not going to lend themselves well to energy efficiency gains. A unit too small for example will endlessly run, wasting energy consistently.

Cooling Not as Desired

A residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL system that is too big or too small for the home it was installed within is also not going to chill as desired. Take a system that is too big, for example. You would think it would do a better job of cooling the home, but that is not the case. The cycle time for a bigger system is going to be shorter, meaning it will turn on, cool the home faster than it should due to it being oversized, and then shut back off. This is going to leave your house humid, as the system will not run long enough to get rid of that added humidity that exists. A smaller unit will have the opposite problem, running endlessly and still not reaching that desired temperature.

Geographic Climate

The climate in which you live is also going to weigh heavily on the size of the residential air conditioning in Jacksonville FL that you should be thinking about buying. A home that is in Massachusetts and one that is in Florida, assuming they are identical, will require differently sized air conditioning units. A unit may have to be a bit bigger in Florida due to the more extreme heat temperatures. The SEER rating also has to be considered in these instances, so you are meeting the energy efficiency requirements of the state you live in.

Spending the Right Amount

So many people will try and cut down on the costs of their central air conditioning system simply by trying to buy a unit that is too small. They will try and get away with a smaller unit in the spirit of saving a few bucks at the time of the installation. While this may seem like a very good idea at first, it is going to lead to all of the problems we detailed above, and also not allow you to budget accordingly for the system.

A central air conditioning system is going to bring with it a great many benefits to Florida homeowners. You need to be sure, though, that the system is appropriately sized so that you can enjoy everything it can bring to the home. We can work with you to provide advice and help size up the home for the ideal residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL system. It all starts with a phone call to us, the experts at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing.

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