We do not always realize just how inefficient our homes can be related to energy. The home, as it currently stands, wastes far more energy than you think. We get energy bills every single month, seeing them creep up year over year. Have you ever thought about ways that you can start to drive down those bills, rather than seeing them continue to increase? That is the goal of our Jacksonville energy audit professionals. We want to help shed light on easy energy-efficient home upgrades that can make a difference.

Replace an Aging HVAC

Do you have a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system that is beyond aging? Have you had it for 20 years or more? You may want to start thinking about replacing it as it is likely draining on your home’s energy efficiency. An older unit is going to use much more energy than the newer units out there. It may cost you to have it replaced, but it will save you monthly for far longer.

Insulation Gains

When was the last time that you have your insulation inspected? One of the significant areas where our Jacksonville energy audit professionals see areas of opportunity is with the insulation. We see homes with little to no insulation, or some that are so old that it just wastes the work the HVAC system is putting in. Has that insulation been replaced for some energy efficiency gains?

Smart Thermostats

A simple one is to change out the thermostat that you have with one that has smart technology. Being able to program the thermostat, and control it from away while you are on your smartphone, is invaluable. Why let the thermostat be set at one temperature while you are at work all day? Control it so that you can give the system and your energy bill a break while you are away!


Do not forget about maintenance for your HVAC system. When you have your central air conditioning system go through a tune-up annually, it can lead to efficiency gains. Only cleaning the air ducts, changing the filter, and making sure that the components are transparent and operating efficiently will be helpful steps to take on.

Sealing Leaks

Sealing up leaks around the home can also be a valuable and elementary step to take. Do you get a lot of drafts that come in through your windows? A little caulking can assist with this so that those leaks can be prevented. These drafts can be detrimental to your home’s energy efficiency.

You have the power in your control to change the home. You can make it more energy efficient with less of an investment than you think! Take charge now and work with our Jacksonville energy audit professionals. Allow us to come into the home, and help point out areas of opportunity. Use that new knowledge to make some gains and begin to reduce those energy bills!

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