Having an estimate done for a central air conditioning system is sure to spark a lot of questions in your mind. Some of them are going to be very clear-cut like, “What is the cost of the system?” and “How long is it going to take to install?” But, you want to think about questions to ask during the A/C estimate. The more information you get from air conditioning companies in Jacksonville as they’re pricing out your system, the better a decision you’ll be able to make.

What is the Proper Size of the Unit?

One of the best questions to ask all of the air conditioning companies in Jacksonville that come out will be about the proper sizing of the unit. What’s the right size or capacity of an air conditioning system that you need? If you go with an individual-sized system, how will it do to cool your home? Will it be able to accomplish everything you would expect it to? Professionals like us use calculations to figure this out and nail the sizing.

The Extent of Ductwork Installation Needed

You may already have air ducts in your home that are used for a forced hot air heating system. Are those going to suffice when you go to add central air conditioning? You may have to go a step beyond what you have, perhaps by insulating the existing ducts to be able to use them for the central air conditioning system. We can work with you to help make this determination.

Brand Offerings

What are the brands offered to you by the different air conditioning companies in Jacksonville that you bring in? You may want to go with more of a name brand or try and save on costs with a more generic brand. It’s up to you as to the way in which you want to go, but the name brands are traditionally a bit more trustworthy.

How Are Payment Terms Handled?

Do you have options when it comes to being able to pay for the central air conditioning system? Do you have to pay for the entire thing up front or do you have the ability to spread out the payments over a series of months? Some companies will offer favorable payment terms or financing options to assist.

Does the System Come With a Warranty?

Does the air conditioning system you’re buying come with a warranty included? If something were to go wrong, will one of the air conditioning companies in Jacksonville that you hire be ready to assist you and come to repair everything?

There are a lot of good questions you can ask when it comes to air conditioning companies in Jacksonville that give you an estimate. Estimates are just that: quotes of what the job will cost. Be sure you ask for more than the price and installation timing so that you know you’re getting the right team to handle your installation!

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