The majority of homeowners have a love-and-hate relationship with their central air conditioning system. When you live in a climate such as that of Florida, the heat and the humidity make air conditioning an absolute necessity. The hate comes into play though when you take a look at that big box of an air conditioning unit that is sitting outside of your home. A Jacksonville AC unit can be a party crasher; it can detract from the visual appeal of the backyard space, as well as its usability. Thankfully, there are ways to camouflage that outdoor air conditioning unit so that it is out of sight and mind.

Making a Small Fence

One of the most shared and efficient ways to essentially camouflage your Jacksonville AC unit is to use a small fence. Get a piece or pieces so that you can build around the air conditioner. You are going to be able to work with the way that your backyard looks, as well as your garden so that everything stylistically is going to be able to tie together. It is all about integration and having that fence complement the rest of the space rather than detract from it.

Build Around the Unit

Another option is that you can build right around the unit, always keeping ventilation in mind and at the forefront. This is similar to a fence but may have more of a covering overhead as well. The benefits here are that you will be able to hide the unit effectively, and also get some visual appeal out of it as well. We have seen people that build around their units and leave extra space for added storage, similar to having an extra shed.

Design the Backyard to Hide the AC

You can also do a complete redesign of your yard space with the intention of actually being able to hide or camouflage that Jacksonville AC unit. This may involve building a closet of sorts for the unit to reside in, and having plants and other vegetation growing in places that will mask the appearance of the unit, among other things. When you design the backyard to hide your unit, gains in the aesthetic appeal of the space along with a dedicated, long-term locale for the unit are achieved. Make sure ventilation is always considered before you start the redesign process.

Place the Unit In an Isolated Location

You could also work with us, your air conditioning professional, to position the unit in a remote area. Rather than having the unit set up in your backyard, consider maybe putting it in the side yard where it is more out of view of you and your guests. Consider placement before you have your Jacksonville AC installed as it is going to be much easier to adjust placement pre-installation rather than afterward.

Using Visual Tricks

You can fool the eyes pretty quickly when it comes to masking or hiding things in your yard. It is all about getting the eyes to look in a different place. This gets back to the redesign, but it can be accomplished without really having to remodel the whole space. Get creative and try and draw visual attention away from the unit so that it is not the focal point of the yard, but rather just a part of it.

The biggest thing that you need to keep in mind with all of these suggestions is that you want an efficient and functioning Jacksonville AC unit. These units need space and have to be able to breathe. You are not going to be able to block them in full because then you are not going to get the unit functioning as you would expect.

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