Should I Get My AC Repair In Jacksonville, FL, Or Schedule A New Install?

If you’re asking yourself if you need to call in an AC repair in Jacksonville, FL then you’ve come to the right place. The talented team at J&W Heating and Air can offer helpful tips and walk you through asking the right questions so you know whether the investment in a new unit will really pay off in the long run.

Both a repair and a replacement can involve a significant cost and even mean taking time out of your busy schedule to be at your home for the installation, but living without a properly working air conditioning unit in Northeast Florida is not an option.

AC Repair In Jacksonville, FL vs. AC Replacement

There are several factors to consider when making this choice to schedule your AC repair in Jacksonville, FL, or whether to just install a new, high-efficiency air conditioner. It is important to review the long-term cost of today’s decision. A repair may be cheaper than installing a new unit today, but what if the repair doesn’t solve the underlying issue and you now have to make recurring costly repairs? Before calling our team for a FREE Estimate, take the quiz below to find out where to begin.

Practical Reasons To Consider An AC Replacement

Utility, Gas, or Electric Bills are on the Rise

If you notice an increase in your bills, you may want to check your AC as the main culprit. An aged air conditioner works harder and that means you pay more. The technology of the new units means they are far more efficient. It is actually mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency that they function better than the old clunker you may have installed right now. Ask your J&W Heating and Air technician about our preferred brands for improving energy efficiency and being environmentally friendly. And don’t forget we offer to finance for new system installs.

Your Current Air Conditioner is on the Fritz

While we recommend purchasing a Preventative Maintenance Plan to ensure you are running smoothly, at some point wear and tear are going to make your AC malfunction. Especially in this warm, Jacksonville weather. If you find yourself performing these troubleshooting tips too often or you know the J&W Heating and Air technicians by name, it may be time to consider making a change to a new, more energy-efficient install.

Your AC Unit is Older than 12 Years

The average lifespan of an air conditioner in Florida is 12 to 15 years. Even with the best TLC, in this heat, that unit is bound to bite the dust. By taking great care of your unit and seeing our team for regular check-ups, your unit will last until the end of its lifespan, but if you’re new to the J&W Heating and Air crew, there is a chance an upgraded unit is for you.

Your Rooms are Cooling/Heating Irregularly

Is it a duct issue or an AC issue? When your rooms are heating unevenly, it could be a sign it is time to call on a pro. The team at J&W Heating and Air can evaluate your ducts, rooms, and unit to determine if we need to show your ducts a little TLC or if a new system is a solution.

Leaky Refrigerant

This is not only a major issue for a functioning AC, but this is a dangerous health hazard because the fumes are poisonous. If you are unsure whether your air handler is leaking, there are a few signs to spot. Do you hear a hissing noise when the AC is running? Is the condenser unit covered in frost? Is the air blowing in your home warm instead of cool? All of these signs can indicate it may be time for a new air conditioner installed from J&W Heating and Air.

Why Call an HVAC Pro for an Install?

If you decide it is time for a new system, you should always call a professional. We offer FREE estimates as well as second opinions on any other estimates you’ve received from another technician. Our team will send a comfort advisor to your home to evaluate every aspect including the size and age of your home as well as evaluate the ducting and insulation to determine the best air conditioner for your house. While you may “know a guy” only certified professionals can truly offer the best recommendation.

Still Not Sure What To Do with your Air Conditioner?

Call the pros at J&W Heating and Air in Jacksonville, FL. J&W Heating and Air has been serving Jacksonville, Nocatee, Ponte Vedra, Orange Park, and other Northeast Florida communities since 1966. J&W Heating and Air is one of the last locally owned and operated HVAC companies in Jacksonville and St. Johns. The team at J&W Heating and Air is veteran-owned and operated and also offers military and senior discounts. Same and next-day appointments are available as is financing should you need new air conditioning altogether.

How to Contact J&W Heating and Air

Our technicians are available after-hours and on weekends so that you can fit your air conditioning services in your busy, modern lifestyle. Call us today at (904) 595-9644 or schedule an appointment online right now.

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