Every homeowner has dealt with temperamental Air Conditioning Units, one of the top problems we see in systems is they will shoot out warm air when it is supposed to be cold. Here at J&W Heating and Air, we have heard it all and we are here to answer why these issues arise in the first place.

The immediate thing that homeowners usually do is to reach out to a professional for an emergency repair. Definitely reach out to your HVAC provider however there are a few things you can do before calling!

Check the Thermostat

One of the reasons why your air conditioning system may be blowing warm air is due to the way that your thermostat is set. This may sound quite ridiculous, but it is easy to miss. Make sure that you have your thermostat set to “Cool” instead of “Heat.”

Check the setting of “Auto” and “On” as well. When you have it set to “On” the blower will continue to run, and what is going to come out of it is likely going to be warm air that is circulating your home. Setting the system to “Auto” will help prevent constant air circulation. The unit will kick on with cold air once the sensor notices the temperature rising.

Vent Blockages

Another step to think about is if you have a vent blockage or a restriction in the airflow register. First, check your air filter and see if there is a build-up. When you have airflow restrictions, it can cause a warm airflow.

Electrical Issues

Your outdoor unit and indoor unit need to work together in order for your system to correctly blow out cool air. When the outdoor unit is not functioning, it could be a result of a blown fuse or a circuit breaker that has tripped. When this occurs, the unit outside is not going to run. Reach out to us in this case so that we can help you address this electrical issue in a safe and efficient manner.

Out of Refrigerant

An air conditioning system needs a chemical known as refrigerant. This allows the air conditioner to blow out cool air. When the refrigerant is low or has run out entirely, the air will in turn be warm. The refrigerant levels can be recharged. This is not a normal situation, if your refrigerant runs low within a couple of years of your AC purchase there may be a leak. In this case, call us and we will address the leak. Otherwise, you will run into the same issue again very quickly.

Knowing these few tips might save you from a technician visit!

As always, we are happy to assist no matter the situation. Contact J&W Heating and Air for all of your HVAC needs and remember to check the thermostat!

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