Is Your Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air? Here’s Why (and How to Fix it) -

Is Your Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air? Here’s Why (and How to Fix it)

One of the most frustrating things that you may have to deal with as a homeowner is problems with your air conditioning system. When you turn that air conditioning system on, and all you feel is warm air, what is the cause of this problem? The immediate thing that homeowners usually do is to reach out to a professional for an emergency repair. You may want to think-through some usual stuff to try on your own first though before doing that. If, after you try some simple steps, you still have warm air, then we can come out to help and address the problem.

There is no one singular issue that you are likely going to be able to point to right away. Warm air coming out of an HVAC Nocatee FL could be caused by a variety of things. It could be something incredibly simple, but it could also be something very complex, a major repair that needs to take place. Having knowledge of some of the possible causes can help you as a homeowner in knowing what to do, what to try, and what could be where the issues are stemming from.


Check the Thermostat


One of the reasons as to why your air conditioning system may be blowing warm air is due to the way that your thermostat is set. This may sound quite ridiculous, but you could not believe how many times we have seen customers think their system was broken, only to find the thermometer was set wrong. Make sure that you have your thermostat set to “cool” instead of “heat.” In the event, it is on “heat,” that is why you have warm air.

Check the setting of “auto” and “on” as well. When you have it set to “on” the blower is just going to continue to go, and what is going to come out of it is likely going just to be warm air that is pushed around. “Auto” is when the system will kick on with cold air to get you to your desired temperature.


Vent Blockages


Do you have some blockages in the vents or a restriction in the airflow register? Check things such as your air filter for the system, see if you have any vents that are blocked. When you have airflow restrictions, that can be one of the big reasons as to why you have warm air coming from the system.


Electrical Issues


The outdoor unit and indoor unit needs to be working together to get your HVAC Nocatee FL to blow cold air. When the outdoor unit is not functioning, it could be a result of a blown a fuse or a circuit breaker that has tripped. When this occurs, the unit outside is not going to run. Reach out to us in this case so that we can help you address this electrical issue in a safe and efficient manner.


Out of Refrigerant


An air conditioning system needs what is known as the refrigerant to cool the air that you have coming out of it. W hen the refrigerant is low or has run out entirely, the air that is coming out of the system is not going to be cold, simple as that. The refrigerant levels can be recharged, but you are also going to want us to make sure there is no leak. Otherwise, you will run into the same issue again very quickly.


An HVAC Nocatee FL system that is blowing warm air is problematic and hard to diagnose. Having an awareness of all of these can help you as a homeowner figure out things you can try on your own, such as playing with the thermostat, to knowing when to call a professional, such as when you face electrical issues. We are here to help get your system blowing cold air again and quickly.

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