Ever gotten into a fight with your significant other about the thermostat? How about siblings? We all have preferences when it comes to home temperature. Disputes over the thermostat are quite common! Why are you fighting over it when you can ease the conflicts with zones? Talk to our air conditioning professionals in Nocatee, FL to learn more!

The Issue With One Zone

Do you know what zones are regarding air conditioning systems? If you live in a Nocatee, FL home and have just one thermostat, that means your home has one zone. You have a single thermostat that controls the entire temperature of the residence.

Conflicts arise when you want specific areas of the home at varying temperatures. If the thermostat is on the first floor controlling the heating or air conditioning, how can it perfect both that level and the second floor? There is no way the reading on one level will match what it is on the second.

Energy Plays a Role

It is not just about disputes over comfort either; energy comes into play! You waste power when you have a system heating or cooling multiple areas of the home that do not need it. What if you have a basement or second floor you do not use? Having a zone in those areas can allow you to shut off the system, reducing the energy used overall.

Multiple Zones Ease the Dispute

Multiple zones are the answer to disputes over the thermostat. Having many zones is going to allow advanced, precise control over the air conditioning system. Your entire Nocatee, FL family, will be able to set each space of the residence to their liking. Having a zone in each bedroom would allow everyone to turn the heating or air conditioning up as much or as little as they would like.

Converting to Multiple Zones

You may have an air conditioning system today that has just one zone. We at J&W Heating and Air can work with you to customize your existing system. Add a few different zones, especially in areas where the temperature is not constant. A perfect example is adding a zone for the second level of the home! It is not that difficult to accomplish, and the investment is minimal compared to the gains.

Having a home with multiple zones for your air conditioning system is beneficial. Disputes around home heating or air conditioning always originate from the temperature. Why not erase the conflict? Work with us at J&W Heating and Air and get multiple zones in your home, today!

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