One of the most noticeable signs of something wrong with an air conditioner is when the airflow coming from the vents takes a significant drop. When this happens, it will lead to a slow and uneven distribution of cool air through a house, and hot spots will begin to appear. Soon, the only way someone inside can stay comfortable is to camp out beside the sluggish vents.

You should never let it get that bad, however: instead, call for professional air conditioning repair in St. Augustine, FL right away. The technicians at J&W Heating and Air have the training and experience to pinpoint the problem and fix it fast so you’ll have the full power of your AC restored to keep your home cool.

What Causes a Drop in Airflow?

There are a number of different sources for a reduction in airflow from the vents of an air conditioning system. Sometimes they combine to create a problem.

The most common trouble comes from the air filter, which keeps debris from coming through the return vents to contaminate the interior of the evaporator. After only a month of use, the air filter will become congested with dirt and dust to the point that it will choke off the airflow into and out of the unit. This will not only lower airflow from the vents, but it will also force the AC to overwork and can cause icing along the evaporator coil which will further lower its performance. When these problems start, you’ll need repair work. However, if you change the filter once a month during the summer, it will help keep these troubles from the beginning.

Malfunctions with the blower often lead to airflow loss. The blower fan sits at the base of the indoor AC cabinet and sends the air across the evaporator coil and into the ventilation system. If the fan suffers from mechanical problems, or if its motor starts to fail, it will lower the airflow. Mechanical troubles always require experienced technicians to remedy them.

The problem could lie outside the cabinet in the ductwork itself. Duct leaks cause the air pressure inside the ventilation system to plunge, and this will affect the airflow. Duct breaks will lead to dust infiltration and moisture in the ducts which will lower indoor air quality along with lowering comfort. Duct sealing specialists will need to take care of this problem.

Contact the Experts

A drop in airflow is inconvenient, but it also warns of potentially larger problems at work… and you cannot delay calling for expert help to solve the issue. For fast and skilled air conditioning repair in St. Augustine, FL—available 24 hours a day—call J&W Heating and Air.

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