Signs Your AC Unit Needs Repairs

Living in Florida means that having a non-functioning air conditioning unit just isn’t an option. If your HVAC unit isn’t up to your standards, J&W Heating and Air can help. Our knowledgeable team will diagnose the problem and propose the best and most affordable plan of action.

There are so many benefits to repairing a broken AC unit, you can’t afford to pass them up:

Better Energy Efficiency

The ultimate goal is for your air conditioner to cool your home using the least amount of energy possible. If your unit has a leak, built-up debris or any other damage, your air conditioner isn’t able to do its job properly. When you improve the energy efficiency through a repair, you’ll likely see lower utility bills each month.

Safer, Cleaner Air Quality

A broken AC unit gives way to harmful contaminants like dust, mold and debris to enter into your home. Not only will regular AC maintenance keep your home cool, it’ll keep it clean.

Increased Lifespan

Just like cars, air conditioning units can only last for so long. Just like an oil change or tire rotation, regular maintenance on your HVAC unit will keep it running longer and operating properly. Neglecting to service your unit will result in more frequent repairs and more expensive maintenance.

Download this repair checklist so you never miss another AC maintenance!