Many homeowners often try and figure out if they are better off with a bunch of window air conditioning units or if they should put out the money to buy a central air conditioning system and have it installed in their home. It is a fair & important question to ask, especially if you live in the Jacksonville, FL, and Orlando, FL areas. It is pivotal to ensure that you are going to be able to keep your house cool. When those hot July and August months roll in with the extensive humidity and heat, you want to be able to find some relief. Both options are going to get you some sort of relief, but it is central air conditioning that is going to do it in a more effective and efficient manner.

So what is the best way to go about comparing window air conditioning units to central air conditioning systems? It is good to think about the two of them in terms of how they are going to perform, what they will require from you as a homeowner, and what they are going to ultimately cost to run. If you look at the different options through these three lenses you can begin to get a sound understanding of why so many homeowners opt to go with central air conditioning out of the gate.

Better Overall Cooling of the House

The first thing you are going to notice if you were ever to be able to compare window air conditioning to central air conditioning in your home is the performance of the two types of systems. When you have a window air conditioning unit it is going to be blowing cool air from one location where the unit is located. The immediate area near that unit is going to remain cool, but the rest of the house is not. This is why so many homes require you to have a unit in just about every room of the home. If you do not, the heat from the other rooms is going to seep into the cool room and essentially waste all of that comfortable air that is being blown in.

Central air conditioning works a bit differently. If you are sitting in your Jacksonville, FL home, central air conditioning is going to work to regulate cool air throughout the home through a series of entry points. This means the cool air will be plentiful and will be evenly distributed. This eliminates the need to have multiple air conditioning window units and also allows your home to remain more comfortable throughout.

More Energy Efficient

Homeowners do not realize just what it costs most of the time to run a window air conditioner. The units cycle on and off constantly and they are usually always running, especially when you have a period of heat like you typically get in Florida in August. Many of the older window air units may not even be able to cycle on and off automatically when they hit a certain temperature. When you have multiple window air conditioning units running, they are going to use more energy than a central air conditioning system would. The reason is that they are going to have to work harder to try and get as much cool air into your home as possible. Central air conditioning systems are made to cool your home while using as little energy as possible.

Less Work and Maintenance Year-Round

Have you ever had to put a window air conditioning unit in yourself and then take it out at the end of the summer? It can be a real pain and requires a lot of work and heavy lifting. This type of maintenance is not something that a homeowner should have to deal with. Central air conditioning systems do not require this type of upkeep as once they are installed they are there and ready when you need them. You don’t have to put the units away, store them, install and then uninstall them, and so on. Central air conditioning simply means less work for you as a homeowner.

Comparing central air conditioning units to window air conditioning units allows you to see the real benefits central air brings to the table. With its better temperature regulation, higher level of energy efficiency, and ease in terms of lower maintenance, it is worth the extra initial investment in the eyes of many homeowners.

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