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Cost Benefits Associated With a Central Air Conditioning System

It is often difficult to try and determine whether or not the costs associated with a home improvement such as central air conditioning is worthy of the benefits that it brings.  We perform a cost and benefit analysis in virtually everything we do on a daily basis.  It is cold outside and we are thinking about walking to go and get a coffee.  Is the walk in the cold worthy of the coffee that we will get in the end?  This is a simplistic example, but that sort of drives home what we do mentally when we try and justify home improvements and other similar purchases.

When it comes down to central air conditioning, we want to be sure that we are going the extra mile to see if it is worth the money that the improvement is going to require.  Central air conditioning is one of the bigger home improvements that you can make.  When you live in a warm climate such as the Jacksonville, FL area, though, the comfort that the air conditioning can provide could be invaluable.  We all want our homes to be comfortable safe havens.  They should be a place where we can relax and escape the harsh climate that is outside, especially in Florida in the months of July and August.  Let’s take a look at the costs and benefits associated with central air conditioning.


The Money Wasted on Room Air Conditioners  

Homeowners often do not realize just how much money they taste on room air conditioners annually.  These room air conditioners can do a decent job of keeping an individual room or two in your home cool, but they are extremely expensive to run.  The energy costs associated with these units is going to be far above and beyond what you would have to spend with a central air unit.  The added costs are due to the fact that the units are often left having to run endlessly just to try and keep your home at a reasonable level.

The Initial Costs for a Home Central Air Conditioner

The big detractor with a central air conditioning unit is the initial expense of having the central air installed in the first place.  This is especially the case if your home does not already have ducts.  In order to have everything installed it is going to carry a pretty hefty price tag.  Once you can get over this initial cost, though, you are then going to be able to experience the true benefits that a central air conditioning unit can provide.

Comfortable Temperatures Throughout Your Home

Window air conditioners can do very little to adequately regulate the temperature of your home.  One room may be freezing while the other may be steaming hot.  With central air you are going to be able to experience comfortable temperatures throughout.  The evenly dispersed cool air is going to make for an extremely cozy home, one where you are going to be able to freely from one to room to another and have that same temperature.

Saving by Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is very important when it comes to your home.  We do all that we can to try and cut down on our heating and our cooling costs monthly.  With window air conditioners though you are going to find that you are wasting a lot to get very little in terms of relief from the heat.  Central air conditioners are going to carry a higher price tag out of the gate than a window air conditioner, but you are going to save money monthly in terms of the cost to operate the central air versus those other units.

When you are thinking about adding a central air conditioning system to your home, the first consideration has to be the cost.  If you can find it in your budget to endure the initial outlay of capital though, the benefits that you are going to experience are going to be worthwhile.  A central air conditioning system is going to provide you home with the ability to regulate its temperature and keep you cool in those hot summer months.  It will do this in a very energy efficient manner so that you are not endlessly wasting resources with window units to try and keep cool.  Central air can cost a bit out of pocket at the start, but in the end you will find that your home is more of the comfortable safe haven with it than without it.

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