So you have made the decision to add central air conditioning to your Jacksonville, FL home. The next step is to make some pivotal decisions in terms of figuring out what you need to do to add it to your home and also what size unit of a central air conditioner you need. Figuring out how best to add it to your home is best left up to a professional. They’ll need to assess everything from your ducts, if you have any, to your electrical system, an area where the condenser will go, and so on. The size of the central air conditioning system is something that you are going to have to decide on though. You will be able to get some advice from a central air conditioning professional in the Jacksonville, FL area, but it will largely fall on you in the end.

How do you go about making sure that you have the right size of a central air conditioning unit? Is it really that important that you have the perfect-sized central air conditioning unit for your home? The short answer here is, absolutely, yes. When you have a proper central air conditioning unit it is going to be able to work in the most effective and efficient way possible to cool your home. This will be even more efficient than those window units that you have been running year after year to survive those hot summer months in the Jacksonville, FL area.

What are the Size Options?

The first part of figuring out how best to choose a central air conditioning unit is to understand the different size options that are out there. When you think about air conditioning, it is typically going to be measured in what is known as a BTU or a British Thermal Unit. Tons is also a common term that is used to measure these units. A ton is not going to refer to the weight of the unit but instead, it is going to talk about its ability to actually cool a home. If you have a central air conditioner that is rated as a two-ton system, it is going to be able to cool off around 24,000 BTU per hour.

The typical range of a central air conditioning system is going to vary from one-ton all the way up to a five-ton system. They are going to increase in half-ton increments until you get to the exact size that you are looking for.

Why Size is So Very Important

Why is the size of the unit so important? When you have a central air conditioning unit that is too big or too small it is simply not going to be as effective or efficient as it should be at cooling off your home. When you have a unit that is too big, you are going to find that the unit is going to turn on far too quickly. It will then reach the temperature that you want at a faster rate and shut off that much faster. This is going to cause the unit to go through its cooling cycle at a faster clip and allow the heat to get back into your home that much faster.

When you have a unit that is too small you have the opposite problem. This is going to cause the unit to run pretty much constantly just to try and get your home to a temperature that is near where you want it to be. It will never be able to get through its cycle because it will just keep on running. It is going to have a hard time cooling your home and is also going to waste a great deal of electricity in the process. Units that are too small are just not going to be efficient in any way, shape, or form.

Central air conditioning units need to be the proper size in order to cool a home as effectively and efficiently as they should. Units that are too big or too small are not going to get your home to the cool and comfortable temperature that you are looking for. When you are fighting the heat and humidity of the summer in Jacksonville, FL, you want the perfect central air conditioning unit to get to that precise level of cool that you are looking for. When you have the right sized unit, the investment will be that much more worth it.

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