One of the things that everyone is looking for when they make the leap to purchase an air conditioning system is to achieve energy efficiency. Central air conditioning systems are known to be much more energy efficient than standard window units, and portable units, among other types. It is still pivotal, though, that you take the necessary steps to have the appropriate system installed for your particular home or business. No two homes or businesses are exactly alike. Each is going to have its own nuances, areas where they struggle in terms of energy efficiency, and so on. What we do at J&W Heating and Air is to work to determine how you can best achieve the energy efficiency gains you are looking for.

It is not just the initial installation of your central air conditioning system, it is also all about the air conditioning maintenance Jacksonville FL needs for your system. You can have a perfect air conditioning system designed and installed for your home or business, but if you do not maintain that system, all of the energy efficiency gains you had out of the gate can quickly dissipate. Achieving energy efficiency gains with a central air conditioning system is a combination of proper installation and regular maintenance as time goes by.

Sizing Up for the Install

When it comes to the installation of your central air conditioning system, you need to start by figuring out the appropriate size of the system you need. The sizing of a central air conditioning system is going to be based on what is known as tons. The tons that you need, the size of your central air conditioning unit, is going to be based largely on the size of your home. The make-up of your home can also dictate the number of tons you need. For example, a 1,200-square-foot home that is very closed off in terms of room-to-room could need a smaller unit than a home with the same square footage, but with a much more open floor concept.

Our team of professionals is going to be ablated work with you to see exactly what you will need for your home in terms of the tons that your unit is going to have to pack. The tons do not represent the weight of the unit but instead will represent the amount of air that can be circulated throughout your home by the system. A unit that is too big or too small may actually taste more energy than necessary. A unit too big will cycle on and off too often, while a unit too small will continuously run, wasting energy.

Maintenance Out of the Gate

You also want to get your air conditioning maintenance Jacksonville FL needs in check right out of the gate as well. Our team at J&W Heating and Air can get you set up with what is known as our Energy Savings Program. The goal here is to get your system on a regular maintenance schedule from day one forward. The intent of these plans that have been established is to work to maintain the energy efficiency levels your system has after the initial installation throughout its entire lifespan.

The best way to achieve energy efficiency success with your central air condition system is to size up the system properly prior to the installation and then maintain that system regularly once it is up and running. Our team of professionals at J&W Heating and Air can help you with the installation and all of your air conditioning maintenance in Jacksonville FL needs after so that you can get the energy efficiency to win you are seeking.

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