A zone control system is not something that every home has for its central air conditioning system, or even its home heating system. There is a lot of value to be had with a quality zone control system, though, and a lot of benefits can easily be realized. How does a zone control system work, though? What are some of these advantages? If you already have a central air conditioning system, should you have zones installed or is it something that is better to do after the initial installation? AC maintenance Jacksonville professionals like us at J&W Heating and Air can help you with all of these questions and decisions that you are trying to make.

The Zone Control System

A typical central air conditioning system is going to have just one zone, and one thermostat. This means that you go to that thermostat and set it and the system is going to work until the temperature at the area of the thermostat hits where you want it to be. What if you have a house that has multiple floors, though? What if your thermostat is in a big open area that is far away from your bedrooms? When you have situations like this, even though the thermostat says a temperature in one area of the house, the real temperature in those other rooms could be drastically different.

The whole idea of a zone control system is to give you more control, and more power over the other areas that may be far away from your central thermostat. Say you have two floors in your home, a zone control system can allow you to have a thermostat on the first floor, as well as on the second floor. If you want the second floor to be a temperature that is separate from the first floor, directly change that thermostat to your desired temperature. This can help you better regulate the air in your home to get it to where you desire it to be.

The Many Benefits

There are a lot of significant benefits that go along with a zone control system. Our AC maintenance Jacksonville professionals understand this which is why we want to help you whether you have a system already or are having your first system installed.

The energy efficiency gains you will realize with a zone control system are certainly the first place that you want to start. Why would you want to keep your second floor as cold as the first floor when you are only going up there at night to sleep? Why not keep that temperature higher upstairs so that you can conserve energy? Zone control systems mean that you can use your system where you need it and not have it running and trying to cool your home when it is simply not necessary.

Comfort level is the other big factor at play here as you want your home at that desired temperature level. You want to get it to exactly where you want it. If you want the bedroom to be 68 degrees and the living room to be 72 degrees while you sleep, a zone control system is what is going to allow that to be achieved with a large amount of precision.

Zone control systems, as well AC maintenance Jacksonville professionals will tell you, also help to elongate the lifespan of your system. Multiple zones mean your system may not have to run as much as if it only had one zone, putting less pressure on it overall. Whether you have an existing system or are having a new one installed, we can work with you to help you figure out if a zone control system makes sense for you.

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