Anyone and everyone want to do all that they can invest in their home for the better. One of the ways to do that is to upgrade it with a central air conditioning system. By adding this asset to your home you are taking a major step forward to making your home that much more comfortable from a temperature standpoint. Central air conditioning is tremendous for a variety of reasons. It does wonders to get rid of the humidity in your home and also helps drive down the temperature. It can get quite hot and humid in those hot summer months in the Jacksonville, FL area. Central air conditioning can provide relief when you need it most.

There is more to central air conditioning than doing the initial installation of it though. You also want to try and maintain the central air conditioning system as best you can. The more work you put in to maintain the central air conditioning system, the better off the system is going to be in the short and the long term. Just like you take care of any asset, whether it be a car that needs an oil change, or a boat that needs to be tuned up annually, you need to be sure that your central air conditioning is primed and ready to operate when you need it most. Let’s take a closer look at five tips to help you with your Jacksonville, FL central air conditioning system from a maintenance perspective.

Be Sure the Filter is Always Cleaned and Ready

The filter that you have in your air conditioning system is extremely important for a variety of reasons. That filter is what is going to keep all of the junk out of your system. This is why you need to first and foremost replace that filter on a periodic basis. Between the replacements, you should also check it every month or so in order to clean out all of the gunk that it has picked up.

Inspect the Outside Condenser

You want to inspect the condenser outside of your home to be sure that there is plenty of area surrounding the unit. You want to keep landscaping and such cut back at least 2’ or 3’ from the unit itself. You also want to trim down anything that is growing above it so that no trees or shrubs will dip down into the area of the condenser. The condenser needs to be kept free and clear of anything that it can pull in and do harm to it.

Be Sure Your Ductwork is Safe

You can do a self-visual inspection of all of the ductwork of your central air conditioning system and giving you peace of mind over its effectiveness. Doing so by checking out the ductwork that you have visible in your attic, basement, or so on can help you in ensuring your unit is running effectively and efficiently.

Properly Winterize the Unit

Your condenser does need to be winterized on an annual basis so that it can be ready for those cold months when you are not using it. Many people think that this means trying to cover up the condenser entirely. This is far from reality. The condenser is made to be out in the cold all winter. There are specially-made add-ons you can buy to cover the top of the condenser, but that’s all you should be doing.

Rinse Your Condenser When you Notice Trouble

There are ways that you can clean the condenser of your Jacksonville, FL central air conditioning system on your own. With a garden hose, you can spray off the side of the condenser on the exterior. Doing so is going to allow any loose dirt, debris, or any other type of grime to go away in an effective fashion. The one thing that you want to do in order to maintain a safe environment is to disconnect the power to the condenser before you do this type of work to it.

Schedule AC Maintenance Today!

Maintaining your central air conditioning system in Jacksonville, FL, is very important to its long-term survival. You want to get the most that you can out of your central air system. The better you maintain it on your own the more effective and efficient it is going to be in the short and the long run. Following these simple maintenance tips mentioned can help keep your central air system running strong.

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