It is common knowledge for most of us that your unit’s air filter needs to be changed regularly. Most of us go ahead with the replacement every three to six months, intervals which are perfectly fine to be sure you have a clean air filter working for you. As residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL professionals, though, we have seen many instances where people simply forget to change the air filter. What is the impact of this? How will this harm your system and home’s air quality?

Efficiency Level of the System

The first area where you are going to see an impact is the efficiency level of your HVAC system. Simply put, it is not going to use energy as efficiently to cool your home. When you have a dirty air filter, you can end up with airflow that is a bit restricted. The airflow restriction is going to force the air conditioning system to put in extra work to get to the temperature you want.

Air filters can get clogged with a variety of things including airborne pollutants, allergens, and dust. The more clogged the air filter, the less energy efficient your system will be.

System Breakdown

Your residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL system could break down if you forget to swap out the air filter. The system breakdown is going to be a direct result of pressure being placed on your overall system, due to airflow restriction. As the filter gets clogged up, it also has the risk of letting things pass through that they shouldn’t. Dirt and grime that gets past the filter can further clog up the system resulting in it not performing up to par.

HVAC repair needs that can arise from not swapping out the air filter can also cause unnecessary costs to be placed on you and your household overall. Avoid these repairs simply by changing out the air filter regularly.

Air Quality

The role of your air filter is to allow your residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL system to clean the air it takes in, purify it, and then pump it out to your home in a conditioned, cold state. When you have a dirty air filter, you are going to have dirty air pushed throughout the home. If the air quality is poor, it will lead to issues of allergies flaring up and excessive dust flowing throughout the residence.

A lot can be done when you swap out the air filter of an air conditioning system regularly. Pay attention to the needs of your residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL system. Change that filter regularly so that you can avoid the multitude of issues detailed above and more.

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