There are many different options that you have to think about when you are having a central air conditioning system added to your Jacksonville, FL home. When you are adding air conditioning in Jacksonville you want to think about things such as making sure that the size of the unit that you are going with is proper. You also want to be sure that you have the unit properly powered, that it is going to be installed appropriately by one of our professionals at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing, and so on. One of the other decisions you have to make though is in regard to how all of that great cool air is going to be transported through your home. Does it make more sense for you and your home to go with a ductless air conditioning system or one that is more traditional with air ducts?

The decision between ductless air conditioning and the more traditional approach is one that can get a bit tricky and is going to be based on a few different factors. The current state of your home is something that you are going to want to strongly take into consideration. Other things to factor in include the difference in the price point of the installation, the added time that may be needed for one or the other as well as the number of units that you may require to help you get the temperature consistency you want room to room.

The State of Your Home

The state of your home is the first thing you want to think about when you are talking about ductless air conditioning in Jacksonville and traditional. Think about how the heat in your home is currently transported around. Do you have a forced hot air system that already has ducts in place? In the event that you do what you can have here is our professionals utilize the ducts that you already have to just transfer the ducts to be able to now move around the cool air. In the event that you do not already have ducts, that is where the bigger decisions are going to have to be made.

Price Point Differences

The price point differences when you compare ductless to traditional air conditioning in Jacksonville really depend on where your home stands. If you already have ducts in place from a forced hot air system then what you may find is that going the traditional route may actually be cheaper. If you do not have ducts, the price point to go this route may be higher since all of the ducts and such are going to have to be run. The only time ductless can get more expensive really is when you have a lot of rooms that you have to cool. When you have a ductless system what you may have to do is to have multiple units around to cool the home. This can cause you to buy several units, increasing the cost of the entire project overall.

Time for Installation

Installation time should also be considered for your air conditioning in Jacksonville. When you have to have ducts installed in your home chances are the time of the installation is going to be higher than if you were to do the ductless approach. This is not to say that it is a difference of weeks, but there is certainly going to be more labor that is going to be involved.

Unit Count

This gets back to the price point and is definitely something you want to consider. When you have a ductless air conditioning Jacksonville system what you are going to have to do is to have multiple units that are all creating and pumping in cool air. This can be a challenge from an installation perspective and can also be costly on the wallet. A system that is traditional with the air ducts is not going to have this requirement and is instead going to just need the one main unit with the ducts transferring all of the air.

Choosing between ductless air conditioning and traditional central air conditioning is something that is going to have to be thought through as a homeowner based on where your home stands and what the budget allows. We can work with you at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing so that you end up with a system that is going to be able to give you exactly what you are looking for at a price point that won’t break the bank.

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