A home energy audit Jacksonville residents may have done can truly reveal a lot of things that can all lead to money-saving opportunities. The money saved from a home energy audit all revolves around one topic and that is in the energy efficiency space. Energy efficiency, when thinking about your HVAC system, is all about allowing your system to be as effective as it can in maintaining the temperature of your home while using as little energy as possible.

You could have the very best HVAC system in the world from an energy efficiency perspective, and still, find out that you are wasting energy in some big areas. This may sound crazy, but it is the truth and is something that can be discovered through a home energy audit Jacksonville residents may have us perform. The revelations that we have made at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing through these audits have saved our customers a lot of money in the short and long term and they can truly help you as well.

Your Windows Are Failing

One of the biggest discoveries that we make when it comes to a home energy audit in Jacksonville is in the area of your windows. The windows that you have around your home are one of the biggest entry points for air to penetrate into the home from the outside. When we do our energy audit work, we are going to focus on the windows to see how they are doing at insulating the home and allowing your HVAC system to operate efficiently, using low energy amounts.

What we find a lot of times though is that the windows are not up to par. The frames may be cracking, the glass may only be a single pane which can lead to several issues, among other things.

The Roof Needs Some Work

The roof is the other area of concern that we want to hone in on when doing a home energy audit. A roof that is a few decades old may be allowing all of the air that was generated by your HVAC system to just go flowing upward and out of your home in a flash. This is never a good thing and is something that needs to be addressed with a repair or replacement to help you get the efficiency gains you want.

Attic Insulation

Attic insulation can also lead to energy loss from your HVAC system. Depending on the state of your attic insulation, you may find that you are missing out on a lot of opportunities to really take proper care of your HVAC system and its energy usage. Limited attic insulation can allow the comfortable air that was created by your system to just go seeping out of the rooms where you need it most. We offer expert attic insulation services in Jacksonville and surrounding areas.

Doors and Other Entry Points

The doors of your home and other entry points are also going to be focused on as these can allow drafts to go right in and out of them depending on their state. If you have older doors, chances are that they are not going to be up to par when it comes to the energy efficiency department. We can help you with tips, though, that may allow you to get some of that energy loss back without completely replacing these doors.

A home energy audit Jacksonville residents have us perform can be extremely valuable. We can help reveal for you a lot about your home, your HVAC system, and your energy usage. With this information handy and available to you, what you may find is that you are going to be able to make decisions that can allow your home to be far more energy efficient all around, saving you money and making your home more comfortable in the process.

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