Home energy audits are one of the most beneficial things that you can have done for your home. The amount of information that you can get from a Jacksonville energy audit can be eye-opening to say the very least. Professionals like us at J&W Heating and Air have worked tirelessly to hone our craft regarding home energy audits; we know what to look for, and we know where there are going to be opportunities for you to improve your home’s standing from an energy efficiency perspective.

One of the struggles that homeowners have though is understanding when and how frequently a Jacksonville energy audit should be performed. How routine should these types of reviews really be? Does it make sense to have an initial check and then a follow-up audit after you think improvements have been made? There are several different tracks that you can go down. It will largely depend on the state of your home and the age of many of its assets.

The Initial Energy Audit

An initial Jacksonville energy audit should be conducted if you have never had one done before on your home. We at J&W Heating and Air can come out and do a full-blown assessment of where your home stands with this. We will focus in on things such as how well your windows and your roof are doing to insulate your home, where the state of your siding fits into this, exterior doors, and so on.

The review is going to be a top-to-bottom look at just how energy efficient your home is. Not only that, we will work to point out areas where you can make improvements. For example, if you have a big window in the living room that is allowing in a large draft, we may point this out for you as something you will want to address. If you have an aging central air conditioning system, we may highlight the energy efficiency gains of upgrading.

Following Up on the Audit

Once you get some ideas with that initial Jacksonville energy audit, you do want to try and do as much as you can regarding the ideas pointed out to you by our team of professionals. We can work with you on some of the items, but it may be up to you to execute action plans as well on many of the others. Once you have made some improvements, what may make sense is to have us come back out at that point and try and measure the gains that you have had. There may be other new areas that have cropped up as well that could allow you to build further upon your energy efficiency wins. Our team can assist you with this follow-up audit to give you a better understanding of the current state of the home.

The timing of this is going to be dependent on when you made the changes. If you have addressed none of the action items from the initial audit, a follow-up audit may not reveal much. If you have done some improvements, though, maybe replaced windows, for example, measuring how much that has benefitted you could be very helpful and fulfilling to validate the investment.

A home Jacksonville energy audit is something that really can be rewarding for homeowners. Our team of professionals at J&W Heating and Air understands this, which is why we take such pride in the work that we do and extra special care when assessing your home. We want to provide you with value-add information so that you can act appropriately and improve the energy efficiency standing of your residence from foundation to roof.

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