Control is something that we all strive for when it comes to home ownership. The more control that we have over things such s our water usage, and the energy that we use every day, the better the overall results are going to be. One of the things that homeowners can struggle with though is exactly how to gain more control over something such as their energy usage, the heating, and cooling bills. Sure, air conditioning maintenance Jacksonville professionals can help in the efficiency space, but there are certainly other steps that you can and should be considering.

Suggestion #1 – Get Your Equipment Tuned Up

A heating tune-up is one of the best things that you can do for your heating, as well as your cooling equipment. Whether it is air conditioning maintenance Jacksonville maintenance that you need or a tune-up of your aging oil burner, the work can pay off pretty big dividends.

What a tune-up is all about is just cleaning up the unit, and all of the lines, and making sure that everything can operate as efficiently as possible. These pieces of hardware can get filthy as time goes by. They will pick up dirt and grime and start to wear down. Sure, they are still going to work, but the energy that they are going to have to use to get you those same results is going to be that much more, driving up your heating and cooling bills.

Suggestion #2 – Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is one of the hidden secrets of energy efficiency when it comes to heating and cooling systems. We pay too much attention at times to the actual air conditioning unit or the heating equipment. What about the ducts that are used to transfer all of that air throughout the home?

The air ducts are one area where they move so much air that they can get dirty pretty quickly. There is only so much that the air filter that you have can do to help your cooling system. Some dust, some dirt is going to get through, and when it does, it is going to settle quite nicely into those air ducts and create quite a problem for you. Air duct cleaning is an easy task that our professionals do all of the time and can help you better control heating and cooling bills.

Suggestion #3 – Unit Replacement

The third option is the most expensive, but it is one of those things that has a high cost of entry and a big reward for taking it on. This has to do with actually replacing the main heating and cooling equipment that you have. Unit replacement is very smart if you have an air conditioning or a heating unit that is more than 15 years or so old. As these units age, they lose the energy efficiency that they once had. You are going to be paying so much more in energy bills to get the same cooling or heating results a similar unit may have been able to give you for half of the monthly bills. Unit replacement should be considered after consulting with one of our air conditioning maintenance Jacksonville experts.

The great suggestions regarding taking control of your heating bills revolve around unit replacement, as well as having a tune-up done and the air ducts cleaned. Taking on these three suggestions is going to help to give you some necessary steps to drive down energy usage and reduce those monthly bills that keep pouring in.

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