Customers often come to us with a lot of questions about heat pumps. Many are curious if this is a good choice or not for their home heating solution! Heat pumps are unique in the way they function. They also bring with them many benefits that HVAC professionals in Jacksonville, FL consistently tout. To determine whether or not a heat pump is right for you let’s go through some of the benefits.

The Idea of Heat Pump

You want to start out by having a good idea as to what a heat pump exactly is. A heat pump is an HVAC system many Jacksonville, FL homeowners rely on to pump or move heat throughout the home. A compressor, along with a liquid/refrigerant, extracts heat from the outside and then moves it inside.

If you think that a heat pump sounds like a central air conditioning system, you are right! They function much in the same way, relying on an indoor and outdoor unit working in tandem. Air ducts are going to take the warm air generated and move it throughout the home.

One Unit

Heat pumps can be installed right along with a central air conditioning system. The compressor can work with liquid/gas in a way where it can create cold air, as well as hot air. In the summer, reverse its action to cool your home!

Throughout the state of Florida, heat pumps continue to become more popular. The benefit of having just one HVAC system for your Jacksonville, FL home that can take care of all heating and cooling needs is appealing.

Energy Efficiency

A major draw of a heat pump is that it is very energy efficient. When you compare a heat pump to other heating options, such as a furnace or oil burner less energy is going to be used. What many homeowners find is that it is cheaper to warm the home with a heat pump than with other types of heating solutions.

Heat pumps represent the most efficient alternative in the market when compared to fuel, oil, and electric systems. This speaks for all solutions that look to achieve heating and cooling of the home. If you look at a standard gas furnace, the highest efficiency rating expected is 98%. A heat pump can come in at 300% efficiency!


Affordability comes into play as well. Heat pumps are going to be much less expensive than having a whole separate heating system installed. If you are a homeowner needing both heating and air conditioning systems, having one installed in tandem makes a lot of sense.

In the event you are interested in heat pumps, reach out to us at J&W Heating and Air. We can come out to your home and help guide you through the installation process, explaining the benefits in more detail. A do-it HVAC system for your Jacksonville, FL home is an affordable and effective solution to heat and cool the home year-round! Schedule your heat pump installation with us today!

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