A hurricane season brings the unexpected and expected along. Our failure to meet with the known threats worsens what the unknown has in store.

The storm wouldn’t spare anything standing in its way. What comes to our mind first is to secure valuable and essential things. The HVAC system catches our attention. Strategic planning is the only way out. Experiencing loss due to a natural disaster is one thing but paying a price for lack of effort is another.

The glorious history of J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing has withstood the tests of time and nature. We specialize in HVAC in Jacksonville FL, to handle hurricane-related issues. For the past 60 years, we’ve been helping homeowners run their HVAC systems. We offer maintenance services to keep the systems performing to satisfaction. Before or after the hurricane, maintenance sessions are a must. Call us today to plan the annual maintenance, and inspect the system to have a sense of assurance.

Hurricane Home Cost Damage

Homeowners are under a lot of stress, and panicking is one of the side effects of the situation. We recommend calling your home insurance provider to check the costs it covers. As a family, you would have a clear picture in your head. The repair costs would vary and depend on the insurance coverage lot.

The type of house and type of insurance coverage helps to stabilize things. The nature of damage caused to the HVAC system again depends on inspection. You should call J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing Jacksonville Florida for a free estimate and put things in motion. Typically in the beginning stages, you can lead back to recovery. Didn’t we warn you about expected and unexpected threats to read the situation in your favor?

Diminution of the Hurricane Impact and Beginning with Condenser Unit

Homeowners should follow a proactive approach to nullify the chances of extreme damage. It’s also time to rectify past mistakes. Secure the condenser unit, this is typically kept outside and stands in the direct line of attack. You should have a concrete base to make it sit tight and secure. There are different ways you can try to build a wall around it, but the best option is to invest in a hurricane kit. It puts a stop to makeshift arrangements. The condenser unit is as safe and secure as it could be.

The Scare of Flood Damage

Floodwater can cause irreparable damage to the HVAC system. The HVAC system requires the overhauling of the entire unit in case of floodwater. The regular insurance policy doesn’t offer coverage against such damage claims. The best option is to keep it off the ground level. Don’t forget about the condenser sitting outside. You should build a higher base to stop the floodwater from causing extra damage. Think of the worst situation to have the right plan. Isn’t it the order of the day? You would have clarity on how to secure the HVAC system.

Invest in Surge Protector, Prepare the Checklist

A surge protector balances the flow of electrical current against extreme weather conditions. You don’t want to take a risk and leave the HVAC system without a surge protector. There’s no point in saving a small amount at the expense of putting the whole investment at stake. Don’t you think electrical failures would disrupt the flow of energy in your house? It’s an ideal investment for appliances and electrical devices in the house. You’ve got many reasons to start looking for it now. There are steps that you could take in hand before the storm hits. Only time will tell how many boxes got ticked on the checklist leading to the storm.

Follow the Safety Guidelines

Homeowners should unplug the HVAC system. Buying a surge protector adds a layer of security. It doesn’t mean we should skip the basic safety guidelines. There’s always a possibility of an electric shock or fire breakout. You don’t want the negligence to cause another emergency. There are some things that may not appear essential such as boarded windows but help the storm to pass.

Let the Wisdom Prevail All-Around

Call J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing professionals to inspect the HVAC systems after the storm passes out. Our team would make a thorough inspection and make necessary recommendations if required. The storm may be over but following safety guidelines is a must.

Our reputation precedes us for everything related to HVAC Jacksonville, FL. We educate and spread awareness about the benefits of regular maintenance The threat could come from an ignorant behavior or short-sighted approach.

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