Have you noticed that your home just constantly smells? You could clean it for hours on end, and that scent just never seems to go away. It smells like a locker room, like dirty socks. This is known as dirty sock syndrome, and it is a prevalent problem for homeowners with central air conditioning systems. Our air conditioning companies Jacksonville professionals have seen this so many times and wanted to work to not only help educate our customers but assist them to eliminate or prevent the problem.

The Cause of the Issue

Have you ever thought about where this smell comes from? The problem of that dirty sock smell comes from your central air conditioning system. When mold and bacteria build up inside the unit, you end up with these organisms. They set up shop in the coils of the air conditioning system, where there is a moist area.

Once mold and bacteria exist, they can grow due to the environment that it lives in. It is the perfect scenario for it to spawn further and indeed expand. The nasty smell that you are getting is due to this mold and bacteria building up and then being blown around by the system. It circulates through the air ducts and makes its way into the household, getting into all of the air.

Correcting and Preventing the Issue

There are plenty of ways that you can work to correct and prevent the problem from occurring further. One of the first ways that our air conditioning companies in Jacksonville recommend is to install what is known as a UV filter. A UV filter is a type of lighting setup that is going to work to kill off any of the bacteria and mold that exists. Even after they are gone, this will work to prevent them further from spawning, harming the environment needed for their growth.

Professional cleanings are the next best option for you. We cover this as part of our regular maintenance programs. When our air conditioning companies Jacksonville professionals come out they will work to clean the coils, as well as the entire system. We can even coat the coils so that they can prevent the bacteria and mold from building up further.

Leaving the unit running is also a good preventative measure that you can take. The units that have the most mold and bacteria buildup are those that turn off and on frequently. If you have a system that has not run for a few weeks, that gives the mold and bacteria a chance to grow.

The dirty sock syndrome is nothing that you ever want to have to deal with as a homeowner. If you do run into the problem, though, our team of air conditioning companies Jacksonville professionals is here to help. We can clean and correct the problem, as well as get you set up in a preventative manner so that it does not occur again.

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