As a consumer, it can be a daunting task to try and find any service provider online that is reliable, trustworthy, and gives you confidence that you know you are getting value and a job well done. Unless you know someone who has had work done by a company or a service provider in the past, you rely largely on what you can find in searches online. How do you really measure up one company against another though? That is where things like Google reviews come into play.

One of the biggest mistakes that consumers make when they are looking for an AC service in Jacksonville FL company is that they focus on the things that really do not matter. They may look to see if a company has the best-looking website or seems to have the best sales pitch or advertisements. What sets a company apart from others though is the connection that it can make with its consumers and how willing those consumers are to talk about that company in an active manner online.

The Power of Google Reviews

It was not too long ago that when a customer was happy with how work was done for them by an AC service Jacksonville FL company, all they could really do is spread it by word of mouth. They may call the company and give them a compliment or tell their friends, but that is pretty much where it would end.

We now live in an age where you as a consumer have more of a voice than ever before. If you have work done by a company and you absolutely love how everything turned out, you can get the word out there so that others can use that type of feedback as a barometer as to whether or not they should reach out to them.

The power of Google reviews should not be understated as these are tried and true testimonials by consumers like you who went through the same process you are to find an AC service in Jacksonville FL provider.

Giving You Confidence

All you can ask for as a consumer when you pick up the phone to call someone is a feeling of confidence. You want to be confident by the time that you set up your service that they are going to be able to do the job that you want, at a price that you think is reasonable, and that you are going to get the value out of it that you deserve as a consumer.

When you use Google reviews online that is exactly what you should be able to get. You have the opportunity to read about all of the positive, and even the negative, experiences that consumers have had with the companies that you are checking out.

By the time you pick up the phone, using these Google reviews, you should have an expectation in your mind that you expect to be fulfilled. If you choose a company with positive reviews, chances are you are going to have a positive experience.

You always want to look for companies that have a lot of reviews, as well as their overall rating. A company may have two reviews, one a 5-star and the other a 1-star. This is not the feedback that should give you confidence. We at J&W Heating and Air are proud of our 4.9-star rating on Google on a scale of 5. This is with an amazing 405 reviews. Simply put, trust Google and those reviews to help you find a quality AC service in Jacksonville FL provider you can trust right out of the gate. Check out our reviews!

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