Energy costs continue to be on the rise and as homeowners, we always have to be cognizant of that. The reason for this is that there really is no way to get around using no energy at all. Looking around your home you will quickly realize that just about every single thing in the home is using up a fair amount of energy. Your appliances, electronics, electric water heaters, and washing and drying machines, all use up energy. It is important to always be aware of where the energy usage is concentrated in the home and also work to identify ways to keep your quality of life in the home the same but gain energy efficiencies so you use less of it and save money along the way.

One of the ways that this can be accomplished is by going through what is known as a home energy audit. A Jacksonville energy audit is something that our team of professionals specializes in at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing. We have helped thousands of people get to a state where their home is more energy efficient and as a result, their carbon footprint and energy bill monthly is much smaller.

Understanding the Process

In order to see where the value of a Jacksonville energy audit comes into play you need to start by understanding what the process is that we go through. When you reach out to us for a home energy audit we are going to start by doing an analysis of your home from top to bottom. This is going to include looking at all of the things that use up energy in the home, but also your home itself. You would be surprised how things like your exterior doors, windows, your outside siding, the roof, all have a major impact on your energy efficiency rating.

Think about the roof of your home or your windows for example. During a Jacksonville energy audit what we may identify is that your roof is old and as a result is not providing your home with the best insulation. This is going to make your air conditioning system work that much harder to keep the home cool and use more energy because of it. Even your windows could fall in this same arena if you have older windows that are single-paned or perhaps have older frames.

Looking at Your HVAC System

We are also going to look at your HVAC system as part of our Jacksonville energy audit that we conduct on your residence. You may not realize how something such as air ducts that are dirty and clogged can have a major impact on how much energy your HVAC system uses to cool the home. Being aware of these things can help you get set up with regular air duct cleaning and other HVAC maintenance that can greatly assist with your energy efficiency.

We may even pick up on things such as minor repairs that are needed for your HVAC system that could go a long way to how effective and efficient it is running. A small component of your HVAC system can make a big difference in its ability to cost you extra money in energy monthly. When we are able to do a Jacksonville energy audit and proactive look for areas of energy waste, this is what we want to try and identify.

You would be amazed at the low-hanging fruit that you can grab as part of a Jacksonville energy audit that can have a major impact on how much energy your home uses monthly. We can set you up for a home energy audit and start our assessment to give you some tips on how to improve your carbon footprint and also to cut down on your energy bills month to month. Every little bit helps and the more energy efficiency gains you make, the more you will save.

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