We always rely on our residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL system to get us through those extremely hot and humid days. What can happen though as the system gets used extensively is that the efficiency and effectiveness of the system starts to take a hit. This may not be due to anything that is wrong with the system per se, it could just have to do with the air filter.

The AC filter that you have is one of those things that you always want to pay attention to as part of your regular maintenance. Residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL systems all have AC air filters. Even the older window air conditioning units also have filters that need to be changed or at the very least cleaned. The most basic of maintenance tasks though is to address the air filter to help your system run that much better from an effectiveness and efficiency standpoint.

Find and Remove the AC Air Filter

The first step in this pretty easy maintenance project is to find the current AC air filter. Most of them are going to be located behind the main vent in your home. This is the one that lets all of the air flow throughout your home, where the air goes up and gets filtered, cooled, and then kicked back in and circulated throughout all of the air ducts.

The easy way to find the main vent if you are not aware of where it is would be to go to the thermostat, as the two of them are usually fairly close together in proximity. You want to be sure that once you locate the filter, turn the unit off before you go ahead and remove it. There are usually a few latches that you twist and the vent will open, allowing you to remove the filter.

Figure Out the Type of Filter

You then want to identify what the type of filter is that you actually need as part of the project. Residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL filters are extremely common and can be picked up at any big box retailer for cheap. Even searching online can help you buy a filter without having to even go to a store. You should always have a few filters handy so that when the time does come to replace it, you can do so immediately. The filter type is going to be determined based on the label that is on it.

The most common types of filters are fiberglass filters and pleated filters. The pleated filters usually have these shapes that divide up the filter in grids, while fiberglass looks more like a framed window essentially.

Install the New Filter

The final piece of this puzzle is to actually go ahead and install the brand new filter. This is as simple as sliding the filter right into place where the old one used to sit. There is probably going to be an arrow that will help you figure out what side of the filter needs to face upwards and which does not, this should help and is worth paying attention to. Once the filter is in place, close the main vent cap over the top of it and turn the system back on.

Replacing an AC air filter in a residential air conditioning Jacksonville FL system is fairly easy to do. We can help you with this as part of one of our regular maintenance programs that we offer, or you can go it alone as it is a fairly easy do it yourself project. You want to pay attention to your filter and change it regularly, every few months or so or maybe sooner if you notice it really starting to get dirty. Filters are an essential part of how effective and efficient your system functions.

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