One of the more popular questions our technicians receive is the best method to accurately calculate central air conditioning costs. Living in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding warm-weather communities mean a central AC unit is non-negotiable. If you do not already have central air conditioning in your home and are looking to add it, trust the pros at J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing to help you design the best system for your budget, needs, and preferences.

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Three Ways To Determine Central Air Conditioning Costs

Costs to install central air conditioning can vary due to a variety of factors. You’ll find some quotes as low as $5,000 and some as high as $20,000. Because of all the moving pieces, price quotes should only be trusted when written up by a knowledgeable comfort advisor. Our skilled evaluations include a full home work-up. They check out the electrical system, how your home is heated, the ductwork or lack thereof, and the size of your home.

Breaking Down Central Air Conditioning Cost Factors

The biggest factor customers tend to overlook is the parts and labor required for an AC job of this magnitude. Labor may include several professionals from a reputable HVAC repair company in Jacksonville. These roles are typically more than the crew performing the installation. Different specialists fulfill jobs like electrical, ductwork, and any additions needed. Materials and part vary by job and heavily depends on the brand you choose. J&W Heating and Air + Plumbing partners with high-efficiency brands like Daikin as well as industry-established brands such as Carrier.

Ductwork or No Ductwork?

You want to consider your home heating system setup. If you live in a home with forced hot air, you already have ducts running through your home. Existing ductwork is a huge money saver.

Functioning ductwork means the installation is less complicated. The team will install a condenser and connect it to the current ductwork.

If your home does not have ducts, expect the price of central air conditioning to be significantly higher. Running ducts for central air conditioning throughout a house can be pretty costly as it requires a lot of labor to get them appropriately situated throughout your home.

Size of your Home

The size of your home matters when it comes to central air conditioning. Larger homes require more ducts. Typically, a larger house also requires a higher-powered condenser. Modifications of this magnitude result in a heftier price tag.

A professional consult is required to understand how much power you need from your central air conditioning system. A skilled evaluation offers clarity and a more accurate price quote.

Established Electrical Work

Your electrical system also needs to handle the central air conditioning system. Having a professional assess if your electrical system can take the condenser and its power can help put it into perspective. Make some electrical considerations early on so that costs associated with this area do not creep up when you least expect them to.

The costs of having central air conditioning installed can vary greatly. However, proper planning can help you estimate what it will cost you in a reasonably accurate sense to see if it can fit your budget.

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