There is more than meets the eye when it comes to having a central air conditioning system designed and installed to suit your home. You have to consider everything from the size of the unit, to the location of the ducts, to whether you want ducts at all. You need your electricity to be in sync with the unit so that it has the appropriate power to keep it going and you also need to have adequate control over the temperature. Any homeowner that decides to go with a central air conditioning Jacksonville system is probably doing so in order to have more control over the temperature in their home. They want to get it down to a certain level so that they can be that much more comfortable. One of the ways to take this up a notch with your central air conditioning system is by using multiple zones.

Control, and also energy efficiency, are the two big reasons why you may want to have zone control systems installed as part of your entire central air conditioning set-up. Going with this plan of attack is going to allow you to be able to control the temperature on one floor or area of your house while leaving another floor or area at a completely different level. This not only allows the temperature of your home to be that much more precise, but it can also help your home be more energy efficient. Simply put, you’ll have that much less waste in terms of energy running your unit and cooling areas of the home where it is simply not needed.

Understanding Multiple Zones

So what does it mean when you have a home that has a central air conditioning Jacksonville system with multiple zones? Think of your house in sections essentially. You probably have a kitchen and dining area, along with a living room area. You may have an area or a second floor that mainly has bedrooms, or a basement that is finished with a play area. These can all be considered different zones in the home. What a zone control system does is that it allows you to control the temperature in each of the areas of your home independently. If you want the bedrooms to be a certain temperature and the kitchen to be a certain temperature, that can be accomplished with a zone control system.

This is different then what most people see with a central air conditioning setup. The standard set-up is one where you have a thermometer that controls the entire home. You turn the temperature down to 65 degrees and your entire home gets to that temperature. It doesn’t matter if it is the basement or the second-floor bedrooms. When you have a central air system with just one thermostat, it is all going to be exactly the same.

Energy Efficiency Gains

There are some energy efficiency gains that you can experience when you have a zone control system with your central air set-up. The energy efficiency comes from the fact that you are going to basically be controlling the temperature of each area of your home to where it actually needs to be. If you do not need the bedrooms to stay cool all day while you are at work or downstairs in the kitchen, you can turn down the temperature up there while keeping the kitchen area cool. The same goes for a finished basement. There is no point wasting energy and the power of your central air system to cool an area of your home that simply does not need it. Zone control systems allow you to control the temperature of your home more accurately and also ensure that you are only using energy to run the system to get the cool air where you actually need it. The goal here is to minimize the waste, the cool air you just do not need.

You never want to underestimate the power of making your home more energy efficient. When you can achieve energy efficiency while also cooling your home, making it that much more comfortable, then you are really ahead of the game. Air conditioning Jacksonville with zone control systems allows you to cool your home to the exact level where you need it based on the area of the home that requires it most.

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