The winter months have finally come to a close and summer has arrived! It is the time of year when you want to get out of the house, head to the beach, jump in the water, and enjoy the outdoors and beautiful sunshine. The summer months are a time when we are relying heavily on our central air conditioning system, and not so much on our furnace that heats the home when it is cold. The summer months are a great time, though, to do some necessary furnace maintenance. Our team of HVAC Jacksonville professionals is here to help you every step of the way.

Changing the Furnace Filter

Now that the winter months are over you are going to be in a good position to do some of the easy maintenance tasks for the furnace. One of the easiest of them all is changing the furnace filter. This is a very good time to do this that way once it starts to get cold again, you can rely on that furnace being ready to go. Take the filter out that has been in there all winter long and get a replacement for it. Make sure you read the old filter so that you end up with one that is of the same size and such.

Another great thing to do here is to vacuum out the area where the filter is placed. You would be amazed at the amount of dust and such that can build up in this area in no time at all. The blower fan is another spot that can be worthwhile to throw the vacuum on, just to get any dust that has built up out of there.

Tune-Up Time!

The summer months are also ideal to have a tune-up done on your furnace. Our HVAC Jacksonville professionals can get this scheduled so that we can come out and give the furnace a great look-over. We will be checking all of the main components, cleaning away, and just making sure that everything looks good. The furnace is going to be relied on again when it is cold, so you mine as well put in the work now to have our professionals get it ready.

Take Care of Repairs

Taking care of any minor repairs that you know are going to be needed is also a good idea for the summer. If the tune-up identifies areas that may need to be replaced, we can work with you on that to get those scheduled, and to regain things in order. Repairs done by our professionals will be much easier to get on the calendar in the summer than they will when it is cold out, and everyone’s furnaces start to break. The reason you are doing the maintenance now is to be proactive, so take advantage!

Fuel Type Impacts

The kind of fuel that you have for the furnace is also going to affect the maintenance. If you have a gas or a propane furnace, the chances are that you have a pilot light. You want to be switching the pilot light off during the warmer months of the year. This is also going to help your central air conditioning system in the efficiency space. Turning Off the oil valve or fuel line is also a quality step to consider taking at this point.

The maintenance needs of your furnace are going to vary based on its age of it, how well it is running, etc. A lot of the core maintenance that should be done in the summer can be beneficial, even for a brand-new system though. Work with our HVAC Jacksonville professionals to schedule routine maintenance on your furnace when you need it least, so it can work when called upon in the cold!

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